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Contiki is a large and well known tour operator that offers more than 270 tours around the world. The company is one of the original tour companies that offers organized tours to young adults. They cater to travelers who are between the ages of 18 and 35 years old and the average age is 26 years old. The company has years of experience offering fun and energetic tours with the interests of young adults in mind.

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Travelers who choose Contiki include both solo travelers (about 55%) and travelers with companions (about 45%). Contiki tour guides put a lot of emphasis on keeping the experience light and fun, and helping ensure you make a lot of friends on the trip. Travelers come from around the world with more than 50 countries represented.

Contiki offers tours that go exclusively to Italy as well as Grand Europe tours that spend at least a couple of days in Italy. There are also tours of the Mediterranean that include Italy, Spain, and/or France or tours of the Adriatic that go to Croatia and/or Greece. The trips can last anywhere from about a week to close to a month or more and prices are reasonable.

Major destinations for the exclusively Italy tours includes Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri.

In general Contiki offers an efficient and fun way to explore Italy (and Europe). The price is budget friendly, which is important for many in the young adult crowd. The hotel rooms are quite basic and the food is mediocre, but the experience is great. The tours pack a lot into a short amount of time so you should expect early mornings, late nights, and long days with long bus rides, but if you want to see everything that Italy and Europe have to offer, then Contiki is a great option.

Tours are roughly 20 to 50 in size and are staffed with a "tour manager" and driver. Tour managers organize all of the activities and accommodation so you don't have to worry. They help ensure everyone is having fun and staying safe during their travelers. The driver is well trained and works hard to make sure you make it safely from point A to point B.

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This amazing overview of Italy is just what you need to see all of the great sights and make new friends along the way. This 12-day trip will take you through the highlights of Italy, including Rome, Venice, Florence, and more.

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8 days
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11 days

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