The Best Vietnamese Cooking Classes in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

The Best Vietnamese Cooking Classes in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
Ho Chi Minh City (commonly known as Saigon) is a city in southern Vietnam famous for the pivotal role it played in the Vietnam War. It's also known for its French colonial landmarks, including Notre-Dame Cathedral, made entirely of materials imported from France, and the 19th-century Central Post Office. Food stalls line the city's streets, especially around bustling Ben Thanh Market. This city is Vietnam at its most dizzying: a high-octane city of commerce and culture that has driven the country forward with its pulsating energy. Ho Chi Minh breathes life and vitality into all who settle here, and visitors cannot help but be hauled along for the ride.

From the finest of hotels to the cheapest of guesthouses, the classiest of restaurants to the tastiest of street stalls, the choicest of boutiques to the scrum of the markets, it is a city of energy and discovery. Wander through timeless alleys to incense-infused temples before negotiating chic designer malls beneath sleek 21st-century skyscrapers. With so much to see, do, and taste, Ho Chi Minh is a great place to experience, and there are several options for cooking classes in or near the city to help you not only experience the best flavors of the city, but also learn to recreate them for yourself once you return home.
Ho Chi Minh Food Experience: Vietnamese Cooking Class and Market Tour
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Your Ho Chi Minh food experience kicks off with pickup from your city hotel. Follow an expert guide through the famous Ben Thanh Market, where you'll wander past eclectic stalls filled with clothing and souvenirs like a local. Leave the market and head to the Vietnam Cookery Center for a real-life lesson in Vietnamese cuisine. You'll have access to traditional equipment, expert chefs and fresh ingredients that are essential to producing the nation's most popular dishes. The small-group cooking class offers up plenty of time and space for interacting with new friends and the professional chef will show you how to prepare papaya salad, chicken curry and coconut-centric dishes. Once you've stepped away from the stove, sit alongside your fellow classmates and enjoy the final product. With a new 4-course meal prepared every day of the week, no two classes are ever alike. Once your belly is full head back to your hotel with a new understanding of Vietnamese culture, cooking and this flavorful cuisine.

Price: $56.00
Home Cooking Class in Ho Chi Minh City
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Select a morning or afternoon departure time upon booking and start your half-day culinary experience in Ho Chi Minh City with a drive by air-conditioned minivan to a local market. Your guide provides information about the types of ingredients used in a typical Vietnamese menu, including regional produce, spices, meat and fish. After making your purchase, head to the home of a local host to begin your home cooking class. Your knowledgeable instructor teaches your small group to create an authentic lunch or dinner in this comfortable home kitchen. Whip up delectable dishes like catfish steak marinated in a coconut caramel sauce and simmered in a clay pot. You'll discover how to slice bite-sized pieces of lotus root for a salad. Then mince garlic, chop chilies and add just the right amount of fish sauce for your dipping sauce.

Price: $65.00
Farm-To-Table Healthy Cooking Class From Ho Chi Minh City
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Select from a morning, afternoon, or evening cooking class. After a local hotel pickup, arrive at the Ho Chi Minh Agricultural Villages and Ho Chi Minh Cooking School. A master chef will offer a tour around the organic farm for a view of the cows, buffalo, chickens, and ducks, as well as a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices - plus fish and prawns. After the tour, receive a basket with scissors and become a real Vietnamese farmer, collecting the vegetables to use later in the cooking class. Then relax with some Vietnamese fruit and a few moments in a hammock before getting started. Four dishes will be prepared during the class. The master chef will offer advice on healthy cooking, preparing one dish at a time in an open-air environment, followed each time by a tasting. At the end of the class, you'll receive a certificate and some recipes to take home. The day ends with a local hotel drop-off.

Price: $60.00
Explore Vietnamese Cuisine: Cooking Class from Ho Chi Minh City
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After being picked up from your centrally located Ho Chi Minh City hotel, your first stop is a visit to a Vietnamese foreigner market, here you'll learn about different kinds of fruits, seafood, meats and dry stock in the market. After visiting the markets, your next stop is too the HCM Agricultural Villages - HCM cooking school. The chef will demonstrate how to make mushrooms and give you a nice Vietnamese hat then he or she will guide you around on the farm. You'll be provided with your own basket and scissors and have a chance to collect all of the vegetables that you use for cooking later on. You will then enjoy nice Vietnamese fruits and relax in a hammock for few a minutes before you start your cooking class. You will cook four dishes and enjoy all of it after your labor. The cooking class is led by a Master Chef who has amazing cooking skills and great knowledge about healthy foods and will show you step by step how to make nice, simple and delicious food. Once you have finished cooking and enjoyed your meal, you will be provided with a certificate and recipes. The chef will also collect your email and send you unlimited recipes if you wish.

Price: $63.00

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