Introducing our new Travel Cost Guides

Our new Travel Cost Guides are here! Have you ever wondered how much stuff will cost when you’re planning a trip? That is the primary question we set out to answer when Budget Your Trip was founded. Now, we’re taking a huge amount of our travel cost data, combining it with financial tips and advice from real travelers, and publishing Travel Cost Guides for countries and cities around the world. These guides are now available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, or as a PDF eGuide here on our site. They make a perfect supplement to traditional guidebooks, because no other resource contains the travel cost information found in our Travel Cost Guides.

What’s included?

The following information is included in every Travel Cost Guide:

  • Typical costs for a variety of categories such as food, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment. All of these costs are displayed on charts showing typical budget, midrange, and luxury costs, giving you an idea of what to expect to pay when you arrive at your destination.
  • Specific, actual expenses from various destinations such as taxi rides, meals, entrance tickets, and more. These expenses come from real travelers and can give you a starting point to know how much you should be paying, or could expect to pay, when planning your own trip. Are you visiting a country where negotiating is necessary? These costs can give you a place to start, ensuring that you don’t get over charged.
  • A huge array of travel budgeting tips and advice such as handling and accessing money, avoiding scams, preventing theft, learning how to negotiate for prices, and dealing with charitable donations. How do you get the best exchange rate? How do you negotiate with a market vendor for that perfect souvenir? What can you do to prevent a pickpocket from taking your wallet? All of these issues are addressed with expert advice from travelers who have blazed these trails already.

Where do I get one?

Our guides are available as PDF eGuides from, or from Amazon as eBooks for Kindle, or from Barnes & Noble as eBooks for Nook. Don’t have a Kindle or a Nook? You don’t need one: Kindle and Nook reader apps are available for a variety of devices such as the iPad/iPhone, Android phones, Windows and Mac Desktops, and more.

As our guides are new, we only have a handful for now. Don’t worry, more are on the way soon!

Italy Travel Cost Guide
Italy Travel Cost Guide on Amazon
Thailand Travel Cost Guide
Thailand Travel Cost Guide on Amazon
Vietnam Travel Cost Guide
Vietnam Travel Cost Guide on Amazon

Or click here for the eBooks on Barnes & Noble.


Bryan has visited exactly one more country than his wife, and she won't let him forget it! Also an avid photographer, he enjoys entrenching himself within the local culture in order to learn more about the people of a place. He is the co-founder of Budget Your Trip and loves a good adventure, an exotic meal, or a passionate conversation about global events.

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