francesca tirico 447208 unsplash 10 Ways to Make the Most Of Bad Weather While On Holiday

10 Ways to Make the Most Of Bad Weather While On Holiday

Bad weather can put a damper on your vacation plans, especially if it requires clear skies and plenty of sunshine. But that doesn’t mean wasted precious time, though. Check out these 10 things to keep you and your family entertained while waiting out inclement weather.

The Beach

Beaches are great where there’s sun, but they can still provide plenty of fun even when it’s raining. Play it safe and wrap up in a parka, an umbrella and wellies and go exploring the coastline for shells and colorful rocks, or just splash about and build up sand castles.

Hotel Facilities

When the weather report predicts cloudy skies and scattered rain showers, it’s best to look at what your accommodation has to offer. Head to the reception or view the map for hotel facilities you can take advantage of.

Good hotels will have a number of luxurious amenities, including an indoor pool, bowling alleys, a private cinema and play areas for the kids. You can easily spend most of the day using hotel facilities and still have a good time.

Indoor Picnic

These days, you can practically go anywhere and have a picnic. When it’s looking grey and gloomy outside, turn on all the lights and have a bright and fun picnic inside.

You can have food delivered or come up with your own snacks. Raid the local grocery store, supermarket or fast food outlet, a blanket or towels and have a picnic right there and then. Add some music and fill up your belly with tasty treats.

Play Some Games

Games are good for beating boredom, and you can play any game you want as long as it’s held indoors. Depending on who you’re with, you can make it more interesting by adding consequences or coming up with an exciting variation.

Change to rules to shorten and make it more intense, or have the loser do the chores when you get back home. Your imagination is the limit as long as it’s fair to all concerned.

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Drive Around

Gather up the family, friends and loved ones and go for an impromptu road trip to explore the unknown. You can use Google or Apple Maps and set a route around the area or have a long drive with an end destination in mind. It can be a landmark, a village or a shop that sells souvenirs or trinkets.

Or, you can head out with no destination and go where the road takes you. Use the experience to tell a story to your family or friends when you get back home.


A city will have several dozen indoor events, activities, and programs in case it’s raining cats and dogs. Instead of staying in and waiting for the weather to blow over, why not get to see the sights and sounds as they’re available?

Go on a food trip and eat what the locals are eating. Find a museum, a gallery or exhibit to absorb the culture. Shop for new clothes, delicacies or go to a thrift shop and find the things you like. Indulge in a glass of wine or two and some dessert while waiting for the sun to show up.

Spa Treatment

Why go outside when you can stay in and pamper yourself to a massage, a spa treatment or have your nails done by a professional?

Most hotels offer these services; if not, head to the nearest establishment in comfortable clothes. Get some much-needed “me time” and relax so you can take advantage of the downtime.

Kid’s Club

Kid clubs and playgrounds are available in most major cities. Find out where the nearest one is using your smartphone, write it down or put it in the GPS and take the kids for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Family-themed campsites are great if the outside isn’t conducive for kids. You can schedule one in as a sort of back-up plan. The kids might love it and look forward to the next when going on another vacation.

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A Bar Tour

Adults can go out for bar tours around the city and sample what local breweries and restaurants have to offer. There are wine-tasting tours and programs where you can visit vineyards for an afternoon of sipping spirits. You can make some friends along the way and get to learn a thing or two about the population.


You can take inclement weather as a sign that you and the kids need some peace and quiet. If that’s the case, break out the smartphones, the tablets and have them play their favorite games for several hours. Stream cartoons or put in the Wi-Fi password so teenagers can take to social media and chat with their friends.

You can go for a quick nap, read on your Kindle or watch streaming episodes of your favorite shows and get some “me time” as well. It’s a great solution for when you need to settle things down as you think or plan what to do next.

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