AdobeStock 84567014 Travel in 2020: Smart Ways to Save Money and Time

Travel in 2020: Smart Ways to Save Money and Time

Many of you reading this can probably relate to the nostalgia that many people feel when they think back to the vacations their family took over the years. Childhood memories are very powerful; they can be triggered by sight, smell or a sound for example. Once you have started your own family, you probably yearn to give your children some of those same experiences, to give them the memories of the family that they will cherish forever.

However, travelling is expensive and many of the vacations that are most sought after (such as international travel) are even more expensive. If travelling with your family is something that seems out of budget for you, then there are plenty of ways that you can save money to make your dream vacation more affordable.

Skip Souvenirs

The Dead Sea, Israel
The Dead Sea, Israel

If you think about all of the vacations you have had over the years, you will likely agree that you can remember them whether or not you have the souvenirs. Souvenirs are usually an expense that is simply unnecessary. Even without purchasing the souvenir, you and your family will be able to remember the experiences you gained for years to come.

Imagine that you take a trip to the Dead Sea for a moment. When you visit the Dead Sea, you will notice that vendors are set up to sell the mud that is found at the bottom of the lake. You read that right, there are people set up to charge you money for jars of something that you can get for free. Skipping some of these unnecessary expenses is a great way to lower the price tag of your trip.

Eat Local

Most people consider local eating to be part of the experience of travel. However, the craving for Western food such as a hamburger can be quite compelling as well. If you do the math you will see that eating local is much more economical. This is because the ingredients for local food are sourced locally and not shipped in as are a lot of the ingredients in Western foods. This makes them much more affordable to purchase.

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Visit Free and Inexpensive Attractions

There are plenty of things that you can do in major cities and tourist attractions that are free or nearly free. Especially when you are visiting a part of the world that is rich in history, you can see plenty of the most popular attractions without spending a dime.

In London, there are free sights such as the Museum of Zoology and the Changing of the Guard. In Paris , there is the Louvre which is free on the first Saturday of each Month. In Israel, there are also plenty of free attractions including seeing the historical sites written about in the bible, as well as answering the question: “what is the dead sea?” The point is simple; if you want to save money on your trip, determine if there are free attractions to fill your days.

Fly During an Off-Peak Time

If you want to save money on airline tickets, then you should consider flying during a time that no-one else wants to fly. Generally, flying on Tuesday or Wednesday will give you the best price because these are the hardest days to fill seats on a flight for the airline. A less expensive seat is better for the airline than an empty seat, so you are more likely to get a good deal when flying on these days.

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Walk When You Can

Transportation on vacation can be a complicated and expensive factor to figure out. If you are flying, then renting a car can be expensive, and public transportation might not be entirely reliable. While Uber or taxis remain a viable option, they may not be the most affordable option in the long term.

In most big cities, you can walk to many of the attractions that you want to visit. For example, from many of the places that you might stay in Israel, you could easily walk from one attraction to the next and even see the Dead Sea on a walking tour. After all, there is an entire book written about the walking adventures that happened in the holy lands.

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Final Thoughts

It is possible to plan your dream vacation without spending a fortune. By putting your money toward the things that matter, you can focus on saving the money that you can on various other parts of your vacation. This list is not exhaustive and if you get creative, you can probably come up with many more resourceful ways to save money on your trip.

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