5 Ways To Save Money On Your Trip To Alaska

There are very few places left on the planet that are as majestic and unspoiled as Alaska. This faraway destination may already be on your Travel Bucket List but the costs might be holding you back. It’s true that transportation to Alaska can be expensive depending on your departure city, but there are plenty of ways to save money when you get there.

Cape Verde Travel Costs

First colonized by Portuguese explorers in the 1400’s, the island country of Cape Verde is now a beach and tourism destination with easy access from Portugal and Spain via affordable flights.

An Andalusia Road Trip

One of my favorite areas in Spain is Andalusia, which is full of amazing National Parks and lovely little villages. You could easily spend weeks exploring this beautiful region, but if you have less time, this 3-day road trip itinerary will guide you through several of Andalusia’s highlights.

Solo-Travelers Guide: The Best Destinations to Travel Alone

Solo travel is an enriching experience that everyone should consider at some point in life. Sure, traveling with a partner or a group of friends can provide wonderful memories, but they can also become a distraction. With the freedom to decide how you want to spend your time and budget, solo travel can allow you to focus less on others and more on the exciting culture, sights and scenery of your destination.

6 Places to Enjoy in Washington, D.C. for Free

With a number of museums, historical places, and malls, Washington D.C. easily ranks at the top of the best United States destinations, especially for those that are budget- friendly. Aside from the Smithsonian museums, anyone can see the White House, watch a Shakespeare play, and even take some nature tripping – all absolutely free. Here are six of the top tourist destinations in Washington D. C. for those on a tight budget.

London’s Best Hostels

Backpacking in London is one of the best ways to save money in this town. But you don’t have to be a backpacker to take advantage of the great features and amenities of hostels. Party-goers of all types, plus couples, groups, and even families can find a cheap place to stay at one of London’s many hostels.

The Best Hostels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe. Despite this, you need to see it, because it’s an amazing city. But you’re on a budget, and you need a place to sleep. So how do we make this work? With hostels, of course!

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