Simple Ways to Be Mindful of Your Money Whilst Travelling

Budget travel will mean completely different things to all of us. Some of us might be full-time backpackers trying to spend as little as possible by staying in hostels, couch surfing or working in return for accommodation. Some of us might be looking to save a little on our weekend away by finding cheap flights and a good hotel deal. Some of us might be able to spend freely whilst on holiday, but still understand the value of hard-earned money and don’t want to waste it.

Why Nepal Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

If you are looking to add some adventure and a magical destination to your bucket list, you need to think about Nepal. This complex oasis of mountains, valleys, ancient towns and varied culture had been one of my top destinations for many years. Far off the beaten path, Nepal is like entering into an ancient world that has been at a standstill for all of time.

Free Things to do in Paris

Paris is expensive. But you knew that already, and that’s why you’re here. So how do we do this amazing city on a budget? Well, we needed to know. And we found out. And now we’re passing along the information.

Planning Your Dream Trip to Sri Lanka

For such a small island, Sri Lanka has got it covered when it comes to fantastic holidays. No matter your tastes or interests, you are sure to find a trip to suit you. Whether you’re venturing out solo, as a couple or with the kids, Sri Lanka really is the dream destination.

The Practical Travel Guide To Mallorca

Sunny Mallorca has been the scene of many a glamorous holiday. Thanks to its untouched coastline, glorious blue sea, rugged limestone cliffs, and the citrus tree adorned hills, it is a peaceful idyll that feels a million miles from life back at home.