Tourism Renaissance: Where Should You Travel in 2021?

instead of mourning this year’s failed vacation, why not start planning your next year’s grand adventure? After all, the world is full of wonders waiting to be explored, and it’s a bad taste to keep anyone waiting. And if the question of when is unclear for now, you can at least deal with the pressing matter of where to go after the skies are open again.

Cinque Terre Travel Guide

This stunning seaside Italian national park offers hiking, quaint towns, beautiful coastline, and plenty of great experiences. Our travel guide shows you how to get there, what to do, and how much it all costs.

What Not to Miss on a Day Trip to Florence

If you’re visiting Florence for the first time, you’ll most likely already have a few ideas in mind for what to do, such as visit the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio, or maybe the famous Santa Croce. But how can you possibly squeeze all of this and more into a day trip? Easy, follow along, and we’ll show you how to fit it all in.

A Week in Italy

When imagining the perfect vacation in Europe, it’s hard for your mind not to wander to Italy. It’s no surprise though, as Italy offers countless cities to visit, each featuring their own unique history, culture, and sights to see. What follows is a 7-day itinerary of the “Big Three” Italian cities: Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Traveling Abroad is Cheaper than Staying Home – Infographic

Yes, it’s true – visiting a foreign country can be cheaper than living at home. Depending on your travel style and your destination, traveling abroad can be significantly cheaper than the sum of all of the costs associated with living in the U.S.

Our infographic, Traveling Abroad is Cheaper than Staying Home, shows how the costs stack up. We compare the cost of living in five U.S. cities to the average costs of travel in five different countries around the world. The results can be quite surprising and inspirational.

Many travelers take off every year, leaving their jobs, homes, and belongings behind to experience the joy of long term travel. Hopefully some of these statistics in our infographic will encourage you to do the same. If you can give up your job for a little while (or if you’re unemployed), and can minimize your expenses at home, travel can become a financial reality.

Skott and Shawna from Get Up and Globe

A few months ago, recently married couple Skott and Shawna left their home in Saskatchewan to travel the world for a year or more. That sounds like a nice little honeymoon to us! They started in England and then ventured over to the mainland where they’ve taken in some terrific sites on their journey, including a 35-day hike along the Camino de Santiago. We caught up with them in Morocco to find out what else they’ve been up to and how their trip is coming along.

Suzy Guese: Redheaded Travel Blogger

Suzy Guese, travel writer extraordinaire, has spent the summer living in Italy. While soaking in the Italian lifestyle, she’s also been taking a number of shorter trips around Europe and writing about her experiences at She writes one of our favorite travel blogs, so check it out. Suzy claims that she has a red-headed temperament, and brings a young, fresh perspective to the European locations she’s been visiting.

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