5 Entertaining Railway Journeys To Experience Genuine Russia

If you’re visiting Russia for the first time you probably have some definite must-sees on your itinerary. Moscow and St. Petersburg are likely to be areas that you’re not going to go home until you’ve been. But, bear in mind that you can find some amazing destinations to visit around these two main cities, too.

Insider Tips for Visiting Moscow, Russia, for the First Time

When it comes to visiting Moscow for the first time, you may discover a lot of controversial information about this great city. Starting from applying for a Russian visa (which can be very confusing) to dealing with Russia’s chilly winter weather, the country is full surprises and you never know what might happen and what you’re gonna get the next time you visit. While visiting Moscow, the complex history is palpable, but with lots of malls, restaurants, and bars all around, Moscow is rightfully considered a perfect destination for first-timers. As a Moscow local, having lived there full-time for almost a year, I’ve created this local guide with Moscow insider tips, ways to get around, food to try and where to stay.