Life on the Road: The Great Lakes

Canada held a beautiful countryside. The air was crisp and refreshing, and we stopped along our drive to admire odds and ends that we passed along the way—a stone railroad bridge, a sparkling creek, a quaint farm. It was simple and charming, like out of a fairytale. Though Canada shares a border with the United States, there was a definite change in the aura of the landscape. I could feel a difference as we passed through. And when we crossed back into the United States, camping along Lakes Michigan and Superior, I felt a different sense of nature here too—still beautiful, but different.

An Interview with Michelle From the Travel Wench

Inspired by family trips as a child, Michelle has found a way to balance a full time job with frequent international and domestic trips. After following her passion for travel as a flight attendant, she eventually changed careers, but still manages to spend plenty of time on the road. By allocating much of her vacation time to trips, she’s able to see the world but not empty her bank account.