A Travel Price Comparison for Families, Couples, and Backpackers Albufeira vs. Montpellier for Beaches, Couples, Backpackers, and Families

Should you visit Albufeira or Montpellier?

Which is cheaper to visit? Which is more expensive for vacation?

Should I visit Albufeira or Montpellier? This is a common question asked by many travelers. By figuring out which city has activities that align with your interests along with knowing which is more affordable, you'll understand where you can get more bang for your buck. So, let's dive into the details and the data, which all comes from actual travelers.


Albufeira is a vibrant, touristy, and popular resort town. Because this is such a big city, visitors will find many sights and attractions around town. With stunning beauty, it attracts visitors from all around. Other popular activities here include food, scuba diving and snorkeling, and beaches.


Montpellier is a bustling, beautiful, and friendly city. The beauty of this spot is also one of the main reasons why visitors come. And you can't forget about the beaches and shopping.

Albufeira and Montpellier: Pros and Cons

  • Popular beach
  • Family-friendly
  • Good for couples and romance
  • Good for backpackers and budget travelers
  • Impressive beauty
  • Less popular for shopping
  • Public transit not as usable
  • Less walkable
  • Popular beach
  • Good for shopping
  • Family-friendly
  • Good for couples and romance
  • Good for backpackers and budget travelers
  • Good public transit
  • Very walkable
  • Impressive beauty

How is Albufeira different from Montpellier?

Which is Better for a Holiday?

Let's take a look at the differences and similarities between Montpellier and Albufeira. Then, you can decide for yourself which place is better for your next trip.

Is Albufeira or Montpellier Better for Beaches?


For a relaxing beach holiday, both Albufeira and Montpellier are good choices.

Travelers come from around the world to visit the beaches in Albufeira. With their golden sands and blue waters, the beaches are world class. The area also has a diversity of beaches that are perfect for all types of vacationers. For water sports, head to Praia dos Alemaes but for relaxation and catching some rays check out Praia da Falesia. You'll find some interesting rock formations at Praia dos Olhos de Agua. One of the most convenient beaches to town is Praia dos Pescadores. For nightlife you'll want to head to Praia da Oura.

Montpellier is a very popular place to visit for its beaches. The coastline near Montpellier feels pristine and beautiful. You can also visit Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone to the southwest of town, which is a protected area.

Is the Shopping Better in Albufeira or Montpellier?


Montpellier often provides a better shopping experience than Albufeira.

Montpellier is a popular shopping destination with plenty of stores. Head to Rue de la Loge for some of the city's best shopping.

Shopping in Albufeira can be found for those interested. You'll find most of the shops are geared toward souvenirs or beach items, particularly near the beach and marina. If you look hard you might find some nice ceramics or items made of cork.

Is Albufeira or Montpellier Better for Families?


Kids will enjoy a visit to either Albufeira or Montpellier.

You'll find plenty of kid-friendly things to do in Albufeira. Despite it's reputation as a party-hard city, there are actually a lot of family-friendly activities in the area. Because it's the largest resort town in the Algarve, it also has the most activities to choose from, including theme parks, water parks, dolphin watching, ropes courses, go karting, and more. The best area's for families are in the old town or the most of the family-friendly resorts outside of town. Families should avoid staying near "the Strip."

Montpellier offers lots of family activities. Popular activities for kids include taking a ride on the carousel in the Comedie, visiting the playground - Jardin Champs de Mars, and visiting the botanical garden - Jardin des Plantes.

Is Albufeira or Montpellier Better for Couples?


With fun activities for couples, both Albufeira and Montpellier make for a good place to visit.

Albufeira makes for a terrific place to visit as a couple. For an active honeymoon or couple's retreat, this resort town has it all. Beautiful beaches, adventure-filled activities, a wild nightlife scene, and excellent resorts and restaurants all make for a memorable couple's getaway.

Montpellier is a great resort town if you're traveling as a couple. Rich in history and beautiful architecture, this city offers a romantic setting for a great couple's getaway.

Is Albufeira or Montpellier Better for Backpackers and Budget Travelers?


Albufeira and Montpellier are comparable places to visit for backpackers and budget travelers.

Backpackers and budget travelers come from all over the world to visit Albufeira. If you're looking for a party, then you found it. The area is a top pick for European holidays, so you'll find plenty of energy and activities around town. There are also golden beaches and a decent selection of hostels to choose from.

Plenty of budget travelers and backpackers visit Montpellier. With a young population and a number of hostels to choose from, Montpellier attracts its share of backpackers.

Is Albufeira or Montpellier Better for Public Transit? Which Is Easier to Get Around Without a Car?


Montpellier provides more public transit options than Albufeira.

The public transit in Montpellier can get you around easily. There are a number of options for getting around town including the tramway, bus, and tourist train.

Public transit is mostly limited in Albufeira. There are regional buses and even trains, but do take note that many of the train and bus stations are a good distance outside of town.

Is Albufeira or Montpellier a more walkable city?


Montpellier is considered more walkable than Albufeira.

Montpellier is a very walkable city. Many of the sights and attractions are easily accessible on foot and can be enjoyed as part of a self-guided walking tour.

Albufeira is generally not a very walkable resort town. Most people prefer to hire a car, but if your hotel is near the beach and you're ok with walking to restaurants, then you may be able to get away without one. If you hope to travel into the countryside at all then a car is necessary.

Should I spend more time in Montpellier or Albufeira?

How long in Albufeira or Montpellier?

Visitors can find plenty of fun things to do in both Albufeira and Montpellier. With generally more activities and things to do, visitors tend to spend more time in Albufeira than Montpellier.

The ideal length of time for a trip to Albufeira is 3-7 days, and the ideal length of time for a trip to Montpellier is 1-3 days.

  • How many days in Albufeira or Montpellier? Ideal Length of Stay
    Albufeira 3-7 
    Montpellier 1-3

One day in Albufeira or Montpellier?

Visitors enjoy the nightlife and food when visiting the activity-filled resort town of Albufeira. You can also relax and pamper yourself at one of the resorts. One day is usually not enough time for a trip here as there is plenty to do. The entire region has so many activities, and you'll want time to do everything.

You'll find shopping around the city of Montpellier. Many visitors spend time at the beach while visiting the area. One day is a great amount of time to relax and see the many things that Montpellier has to offer. It has many unique tourist attractions and fascinating things to do.

A weekend in Albufeira or Montpellier?

Visitors enjoy the food and scuba diving and snorkeling when visiting the activity-filled destination of Albufeira. It's a great spot for a beach vacation. This resort town offers something for everyone. Since there is so much to do in the area, a weekend is probably not enough for all of it.

You'll find shopping around the friendly destination of Montpellier. The old town is one of the main draws for visitors. This is a popular place to visit for a weekend.A weekend should give you a good understanding of everything this city has to offer. This city offers a variety of activities to choose from.

Five days in Albufeira or Montpellier?

Visitors enjoy the scuba diving and snorkeling and nightlife when visiting the touristy resort town of Albufeira. People enjoy relaxing at one of the resorts. Many people spend five days here.If you enjoy all that's offered here, then five days is just the right amount of time to spend here. The length of your trip often depends on your style of travel.

Travelers enjoy the shopping when visiting the beautiful city of Montpellier. The length of your ideal trip is an individual decision. It's also a great beach destination, too. Five days is plenty of time to see everything, even with extra days to spare.

A week in Albufeira or Montpellier?

Visitors enjoy the nightlife and food when visiting the destination of Albufeira. Anyone can find something fun to do here. This is a popular place to visit for one week. Travelers enjoy the resorts in the area as well. In one week, you should have a good grasp of this resort town.

Montpellier is a popular choice for travelers. It's a great spot for a beach vacation. One week is usually plenty of time to spend here with extra days to spare. With this much time, visitors often visit nearby destinations or take day trips. It will give you the chance to have new experiences.

Which place is cheaper, Montpellier or Albufeira?

These are the overall average travel costs for the two destinations.

The average daily cost (per person) in Albufeira is €148, while the average daily cost in Montpellier is €118. These costs include accommodation (assuming double occupancy, so the traveler is sharing the room), food, transportation, and entertainment. While every person is different, these costs are an average of past travelers in each destination. What follows is a categorical breakdown of travel costs for Albufeira and Montpellier in more detail.

  • Accommodation Hotel or hostel for one person
    Albufeira 74
    Montpellier 69
  • Accommodation Typical double-occupancy room
    Albufeira 148
    Montpellier 138
Compare Hotels in Albufeira and Montpellier

Looking for a hotel in Albufeira or Montpellier? Prices vary by location, date, season, and the level of luxury. See below for options and compare which is best for your budget and travel style.

Hotels in Albufeira

Hotels in Montpellier

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Our Analysis
We've analyzed the average and typical hotel prices based on guest reviews, star ratings, and hotel amenities here: Albufeira Hotel Prices and Montpellier Hotel Prices.

Local Transportation
  • Local Transportation Taxis, local buses, subway, etc.
    Albufeira 34
    Montpellier 26

Hired Cars and Shuttles in Albufeira

Some specific examples of transportation prices in Albufeira:

  • Albufeira Private Transfer to Faro: $16
  • Albufeira Shared Departure Transfer to Faro: $14
  • Departure Transfer Albufeira or Açoteias to Faro Airport FAO by Private Vehicle: $38
  • Enjoy Three Days in Algarve ( Hotel & Transfers & Tours ): $330
  • Faro Airport Private Transfer - Albufeira (Departure): $22
  • Faro Airport Private Transfer to Albufeira: $58
  • Faro Airport: Private Transfer to Albufeira & Olhos De Água: $43
  • Faro Shared Transfer to or from Albufeira: $22
  • Lisbon Airoport Private Transfer To Algarve ( 8 Seats Van ): $566
  • Private Airport Transfer Faro - Albufeira: $58
  • Private Airport Transfer Faro - Lagos: $114
  • Private Airport Transfer To Albufeira Area: $68

Hired Cars and Shuttles in Montpellier

Some specific examples of transportation prices in Montpellier:

  • Departure Transfer Montpellier to Montpellier Airport MPL by Private Vehicle: $26
  • Montpellier Private Transfer from Montpellier city centre to Montpellier Airport: $84
  • Private Transfer: Montpellier Airport (MPL) to Montpellier: $62
  • Private Transfer: Montpellier to Montpellier Airport (MPL): $62
  • Transfer Montpelier Airport to Avignon: $411
  • Transfer Montpelier Airport to Nimes City or Nimes Airport: $224

Is it cheaper to fly into Albufeira or Montpellier?

Prices for flights to both Montpellier and Albufeira change regularly based on dates and travel demand. We suggest you find the best prices for your next trip on Kayak, because you can compare the cost of flights across multiple airlines for your prefered dates.

  • Food Meals for one day
    Albufeira 48
    Montpellier 31

Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Montpellier

Also, here are some specific examples of food and dining related activities in Montpellier.

  • Montpellier countryside dinner with local food & wine: $81
  • Vintage private wine and food tour from Montpellier: $180

  • Entertainment Entrance tickets, shows, etc.
    Albufeira 39
    Montpellier 12

Tours and Activities in Albufeira

Here are a few actual costs in Albufeira for available activities, ticket prices, and tours:

  • Lagos & Sagres Guided Bus Tour: $25
  • Albufeira Beach Tour: $25
  • Pirate Ship Cruise along the Algarve Coast: $27
  • 'Leaozinho' Pirate Ship Cruise from Albufeira: $30
  • 1.5 Hour Quad Off-Road Tour from Albufeira: $31
  • 2.5-Hour Dolphin Watching and Caves Cruise: $31
  • Dolphins, Benagil Caves and Coastline Boat Tour: $33
  • Private Guided Tuk Tuk Tour with pick-up and drop-off in Albufeira: $33
  • From 2.5-Hour Dolphin and Sea Caves Boat Tour: $34
  • Algarve Kayak and Coastline Tour: $34
  • Abulferia: 3-Hour Yacht Cruise to Benagil: $34
  • Kayaking Tour With Optional Beach BBQ: $34

Tours and Activities in Montpellier

Here are a few actual costs in Montpellier for available activities, ticket prices, and tours:

  • Private Montpellier Ghost Tour: Haunted City Center Exploration Game: $4.96
  • Noilly Prat Vermouth Cellar Tour and Tastings in Marseillan: $22
  • Montpellier Self-Guided Walking Tour with Qula City Trails: $36
  • Vermouth and Gastronomy Tasting Tour in Marseillan: $39
  • Montpelier Discovery : Big Historic Tour - 1h30: $50
  • Segway Tour of the Old and New Montpellier: $62
  • the winetour from montpellier to pic saint loup: $68
  • Small-Group Half-Day Languedoc Wine and Olive Tour from Montpellier: $73
  • Taste of Montpellier Food and Sighseeing Tour: $81
  • Small-Group Half-Day Languedoc Wine and Oyster Tour from Montpellier: $86
  • Pic Saint Loup Winetour & food: $100
  • Private day tour to Sète and Bouzigues : culture, food & wine: $111

  • Alcohol Drinks for one day
    Albufeira 26
    Montpellier 15

Sample the Local Flavors in Albufeira

Also in Albufeira, these are the prices for nightlife and alcohol related activities from various tour providers:

  • Small group Wine Tasting Tour from Albufeira: $61
  • sunset wine tasting from Albufeira: $87
  • Half Day Small Group Premium Wine Tour from Albufeira: $93
  • Wine Tour & Walking 7 Hanging Valleys - Coast Algarve: $156
  • From Algarve: Medieval Évora with Lunch and Wine Tasting: $319
  • Algarve Art and Wine Tour from Albufeira: $653

Sample the Local Flavors in Montpellier

Here are a few nightlife and alcohol tours and activities from local tour providers in Montpellier:

  • Hike to the top of "Pic Saint Loup" and a wine tasting: $68
  • Small-Group Half-Day Languedoc Pic Saint-Loup Wine Tour from Montpellier: $81
  • Small-Group Half-Day Châteaux of Montpellier Wine Tour: $81
  • Private tour: Exclusive Wine Tour in Languedoc from Montpellier: $336

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Albufeira and Montpellier, we can see that Albufeira is more expensive. And not only is Montpellier much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Montpellier would let you spend less money overall. Or, you could decide to spend more money in Montpellier and be able to afford a more luxurious travel style by staying in nicer hotels, eating at more expensive restaurants, taking tours, and experiencing more activities. The same level of travel in Albufeira would naturally cost you much more money, so you would probably want to keep your budget a little tighter in Albufeira than you might in Montpellier.

When is the best time to visit Albufeira or Montpellier?

Both destinations experience a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. And since both cities are in the northern hemisphere, summer is in July and winter is in January.

Should I visit Albufeira or Montpellier in the Summer?

Both Montpellier and Albufeira are popular destinations to visit in the summer with plenty of activities. Most visitors come to Albufeira for the beaches, snorkeling, the hiking, the city activities, and the family-friendly experiences during these months. Also, the summer months attract visitors to Montpellier because of the beaches and the family-friendly experiences.

In the summer, Albufeira is a little warmer than Montpellier. Typically, the summer temperatures in Albufeira in July are around 25°C (78°F), and Montpellier is about 23°C (73°F).

In July, Albufeira usually receives less rain than Montpellier. Albufeira gets 1 mm (0 in) of rain, while Montpellier receives 20 mm (0.8 in) of rain each month for the summer.

  • Summer Average Temperatures July
    Albufeira 25°C (78°F) 
    Montpellier 23°C (73°F)

Should I visit Albufeira or Montpellier in the Autumn?

Both Montpellier and Albufeira during the autumn are popular places to visit. The autumn months attract visitors to Albufeira because of the hiking trails, the city's sights and attractions, and the natural beauty of the area. Also, the shopping scene and the natural beauty of the area are the main draw to Montpellier this time of year.

In October, Albufeira is generally a little warmer than Montpellier. Temperatures in Albufeira average around 19°C (67°F), and Montpellier stays around 15°C (60°F).

Montpellier gets a good bit of rain this time of year. Albufeira usually gets less rain in October than Montpellier. Albufeira gets 67 mm (2.6 in) of rain, while Montpellier receives 110 mm (4.3 in) of rain this time of the year.

  • Autumn Average Temperatures October
    Albufeira 19°C (67°F) 
    Montpellier 15°C (60°F)

Should I visit Albufeira or Montpellier in the Winter?

The winter attracts plenty of travelers to both Albufeira and Montpellier. The cuisine are the main draw to Albufeira this time of year. Also, many travelers come to Montpellier for the shopping scene.

Albufeira is much warmer than Montpellier in the winter. The temperature in Albufeira is usually 11°C (52°F) in January, and Montpellier stays around 7°C (44°F).

In January, Albufeira usually receives more rain than Montpellier. Albufeira gets 78 mm (3.1 in) of rain, while Montpellier receives 72 mm (2.8 in) of rain each month for the winter.

  • Winter Average Temperatures January
    Albufeira 11°C (52°F) 
    Montpellier 7°C (44°F)

Should I visit Albufeira or Montpellier in the Spring?

The spring brings many poeple to Albufeira as well as Montpellier. Many travelers come to Albufeira for the beaches, the activities around the city, and the natural beauty. Also, many visitors come to Montpellier in the spring for the beaches and the natural beauty.

In the spring, Albufeira is a little warmer than Montpellier. Typically, the spring temperatures in Albufeira in April are around 15°C (60°F), and Montpellier is about 13°C (55°F).

Albufeira usually gets less rain in April than Montpellier. Albufeira gets 38 mm (1.5 in) of rain, while Montpellier receives 55 mm (2.2 in) of rain this time of the year.

  • Spring Average Temperatures April
    Albufeira 15°C (60°F) 
    Montpellier 13°C (55°F)

Typical Weather for Montpellier and Albufeira

Albufeira Montpellier
Temp (°C) Rain (mm) Temp (°C) Rain (mm)
Jan 11°C (52°F) 78 mm (3.1 in) 7°C (44°F) 72 mm (2.8 in)
Feb 12°C (54°F) 72 mm (2.8 in) 8°C (46°F) 72 mm (2.8 in)
Mar 14°C (56°F) 39 mm (1.5 in) 10°C (50°F) 55 mm (2.2 in)
Apr 15°C (60°F) 38 mm (1.5 in) 13°C (55°F) 55 mm (2.2 in)
May 19°C (65°F) 21 mm (0.8 in) 16°C (61°F) 52 mm (2 in)
Jun 23°C (73°F) 8 mm (0.3 in) 20°C (68°F) 33 mm (1.3 in)
Jul 25°C (78°F) 1 mm (0 in) 23°C (73°F) 20 mm (0.8 in)
Aug 26°C (78°F) 4 mm (0.2 in) 22°C (72°F) 42 mm (1.7 in)
Sep 24°C (75°F) 14 mm (0.6 in) 19°C (67°F) 62 mm (2.4 in)
Oct 19°C (67°F) 67 mm (2.6 in) 15°C (60°F) 110 mm (4.3 in)
Nov 15°C (58°F) 86 mm (3.4 in) 10°C (51°F) 63 mm (2.5 in)
Dec 12°C (53°F) 94 mm (3.7 in) 7°C (45°F) 63 mm (2.5 in)

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Albufeira vs. Montpellier Travel Comparison

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