Money Belts - Keep Your Money Safe!

A safe place to keep your passport, money, and credit cards is essential. You will need a money belt.

Money belts come in different types and sizes. Some are better than others, and the type you get is important because theives and pickpockets have learned to look for (and quickly grab) certain types of money belts.

Features to look for in a good money belt:

  • Stealth: how well is it hidden?
  • Strength: how easily can it be cut open or taken from you?
  • Capacity: how much can it hold?

There are three main types of money belts. We recommend them in the following order:

  1. The Hidden Pocket is designed to attach to your belt and lay beneath your pants. If positioned correctly, no one will even know it is there. If they do discover it, they have to get a intimate with you to reach down there and grab it. There's no way you wouldn't notice. We use this type of money belt on all of our trips and have never had a problem with it. We've been the victims of pickpockets, too, but they never gotten to this money belt. The only catch is that you have to wear a belt to use it. Highly recommeded.
  2. The Neck Wallet style of money belt loops around your neck and is supposed to be worn under your shirt so that no one can see it. Make sure that the string is strong and difficult to tear or cut.
  3. The Traditional Money Belt is the most popular, but also the easiest for theives to target. If you do get this type, wear it down inside your pants and get one that has a strong strap that is difficult to unfasten or cut.
No matter which type you buy, make sure that you get one of good quality that is well built and can stand up to daily use over time.

For the safety of your money and your social status, don't wear a fanny pack.

No matter which money belt you get, follow some basic, common sense money-handling rules. Don't put all of your cash or credit cards in the money belt. We usually carry a wallet in our pockets with some cash for convenience. Then, we put a lot more in the money belt, and leave even more in the hotel room (hidden in the bags). Leave a few backup credit cards and ATM cards back in the room as well. We always carry our passports with us unless we know for sure that we should not take them somewhere. If you lose your passport, you can take a photocopy to your embassy and they will help you.

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