In the Press

Lifehacker "You can plan a trip from scratch or build your trip budget off the existing averages and sample budgets they have for a variety of locales."
Thrillist "An easy to use e-source that helps you plan fiscally responsible trips"
MakeUseOf "A one-stop trip budget planner site for travelers"
Washington Post "Eyes tend to cross when trying to calculate how much to budget for its next trip, but a new Web site may be able to help."
How to Travel Responsibly on a Budget
Vagablogging "Plug in your destination and Budget Your Trip will show you an average of how much the site's members spent there."
Briefcase to Backpack
"The layout lets you find out if you're spending more than anticipated on transportation or which country ate away more of your budget."
Tech Guide For Travel "A wonderful tool that's incredibly useful for budgeting out costs for different parts of the world."