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Carnival Cruise Lines is a British-American company that is headquartered in Doral, Florida. Carnival Cruises found its niche in the cruising industry by offering shorter and more affordable trips. The ships offer a festive decor that is centered around fun and entertainment. The on-board atmosphere is relaxed but spirited. Departure ports are usually located in convenient cities within the United States. Some of the most popular cities from which cruises leave include Miami Florida, Galveston Texas and Los Angeles California. The most popular destinations are the Caribbean Islands, several ports in Mexico, and the Bahamas or Bermuda. There are cruises available within Europe, through Alaska, and South America as well, but the niche for Carnival remains the Caribbean.

Prices for Carnival cruises are usually affordable, but the service is still reliable. Cruise ships are popular with a younger crowd and families who are looking for a fun and relaxed holiday. The ships to do not have the party atmosphere that they were once famous for, but they still remain fun. Passengers are more diverse than they were historically and there are activities for families, seniors, couples, and singles available. The decor is bright and colorful and the cruise is anything but formal. Dining is fun and delicious, but formal dinners are rare.

Given the large number of customers that Carnival serves, they provide efficient and experienced service. There are rarely hiccups or delays in the system and customers can feel confident that things will be reliable and enjoyable. Excursions are well organized and long delays are rare.

Dining is casual and of decent quality. There is a main dining room and a buffet area where cruisers can enjoy a variety of domestic and international food options. Cruisers can also choose between traditional dining options as well as anytime dining for a more flexible experience.
Rewards for Travel Agents

Carnival Cruise Lines has worked hard to develop an extensive and fun program for travel agents. In addition to the "Funtastic" Fam Weekends, travel agents can also participate in a generous rewards program. The rewards program allows each agent to earn points for themselves and their clients. These points can be put toward Carnival branded items, gift cards, or prizes that include a flat screen television or an Apple Ipad. Points are earned by completing online bookings for clients, watching Cruise Rookie videos on YouTube or completing an eTutorial at Opportunities to earn points are added regularly and currently over 14,000 travel agents take advantage of the program. You can learn more about the rewards program and how to enroll by visiting
CCL University

CCL University is Carnival's extensive training program for travel agents. The program provides "on demand" learning opportunities that include "How-to" videos and webinars that help agents understand Carnival's easy and straightforward booking system. Although the program is designed to provide a useful and formal structure to its training, it also works to keep learning fun. You can receive recognition for your coursework by receiving CLIA credits and CEU's that will go toward certification at the Travel Institute. The program starts with a Bachelor's of Fun program and works its way up through a Master's of Memories and a Ph.D in Awesome.

The program focuses on all aspects of being a travel agent, from growing your business to understanding the latest policies and resources provided by the Carnival Cruise Line. Whether you're just getting starting in the industry or you've been at it for years, you'll likely learn something new through the webinars offered. It's not just a great refresher for those who already know the ins and outs, but also a great way to stay on top of the latest policy changes in the industry.
"Funtastic" Fam Weekends

Funtastic Fam Weekends are Carnival's version of familiarization trips. These weekends let travel agents become acquainted with the cruise line's fleet, take onsite training courses, and make face to face connections that will help them grow their business. The weekends usually include hotel reservations, several meals, some transportation, and training and orientation events. There is a reasonable fee for these weekends that can vary based on location, items include, etc. To qualify for the event a travel agent must have at least six months of leisure experience and have made at least three bookings with Carnival Cruise Line. As a general rule, a travel agent can only attend one Funtastic Fam Weekend a year. The events are held at a variety of locations with some possibilities including Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Galveston, Long Beach, San Diego, Baltimore, or Charleston.
VIP Shipboard Events

VIP Shipboard Events are hosted by Carnival and allow travel agents to attend educational sessions onboard one of their "Fun" ships. Included in the event is a tour of the ship and a luncheon or reception. The events are designed to let travel agents see the latest updates and enhancements available on the ships. They also have the opportunity to tour different classes of ship. The tours help the agent earn a CLIA Cruise Counsellor Certification. They're also a fun activity where travel agents can stay current on their information and network with other travel agents. It's a great way to stay involved in the Carnival community.

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