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Contiki offers tours that are specifically designed for young travelers between the ages of 18 and 35. The tours visit a large number of sights, participate in many adventurous activities, and dine on local, authentic food, so they provide travelers with a genuine and rewarding experience. These tours also include plenty of time to relax, explore independently, and socialize with other guests. The trips are guided by the Contiki Crew, who are knowledgeable and informed on the area. The Contiki Crew is well equipped to help everyone have the time of their life. These trips truly are a once in a lifetime experience, and for many travelers they are their very first international trip. It opens their eyes to everything international travel has to offer and the unique diversity of cultures you can experience while you're abroad.

Contiki travels to a wide variety of locations. The European tours are generally the most popular, but tours to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America are all available as well. There are also North American tours that visit the major cities and national parks in the United States or Canada.

European tours visit a diversity a regions and cities. They are led by regional experts which give travelers an insider's expertise on the area's history, religion, and activities. They know the best places to eat, sleep, party and shop and they help every visitor make memories of a lifetime.

Tours to Asia and Latin America let visitors soak up cultures that are diverse and unique. Visitors can immerse themselves in these environments but have the reliability of a tour guide to ensure their trip is smooth and hassle free.

North American adventures cover a wide geographic area for minimal cost. Transportation through national parks can be tricky for international travelers, but with Contiki, all of this is taken care of in advance.

In Australia and New Zealand the tours offer adventure sports, city hopping and shopping opportunities in a new and fascinating place. Whatever your client's interest, they are sure to find something they enjoy.

Contiki is a perfect option for first time travelers who are looking for an adventure but are nervous about independent travel. The prices are reasonable and the trips are designed for those people who care more about the experience than the luxury hotels. The tours are designed to include many different destinations in a shorter period of time, so visitors can see more than they would during an independent trip. This schedule appeals to those who are short on time but high on energy.
Contiki Travel Agent Website

Contiki Tours offers a straightforward and easy to navigate website for travel agents. On the website you will find a variety of tools that will help you sale tools, learn about the current specials, apply for educational trips, and utilize their booking system.

Travel agents must first register through the website with their IATA or CLIA number. Once you've registered its simple to log in with you member name and password.

Once you book a Contiki tour for your client, they will be required to pay a $200 deposit which Contiki must receive within seven days of the initial booking. The entire balance must be paid by 45 days before the trip commences.
Broadening Your Client Base

By establishing a relationship with Contiki Tours, you have the opportunity to significantly broaden your client base. Because Contiki focuses on students and young travelers, the tours work with a demographic that traditionally does not use travel agents. By Building your expertise in a style of travel that appeals to a young audience, you will be able to develop relationships with clients who will return time and time again. If a student or young traveler books their first international trip through you, they will feel confident returning to you as their travel needs mature and change. Their financial situation will change as their career evolves, and their travel style will shift as well. Young budget conscious travelers of today are luxury travelers of tomorrow, and if you have gained their confidence early, you can be assured that you will be booking trips for them and their family for years to come.
Marketing Contiki Tours

Contiki Tours travel to destinations all over the world. Although the company may be most famous for its Europe trips, there are also tours available in Asia, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and most recently Latin America. It's important to note that these tours are designed for a younger crowd (ages 18 to 35). As you begin marketing these tours, reach out to clients that are first time travelers who want the security of organized travel without the traditionally older demographic. Reassure your young clients that tours are not simply for the old. These tours focus on adventure, socializing and having fun with other young travelers from around the globe. Whether they are traveling with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or by themselves, reassure them that they will have an experience that is specifically designed for them without the hassle and chaos of planning it themselves.

If you're looking to sale Contiki Tours, think about where the young demographic hangs out. Schools, young alumnae programs, and grad programs are all filled with young, adventurous people who will be thrilled with the prospect of international travel. Market these trips as adventures, where they can enjoy fun, parties, and educational opportunities all in one.

By marketing to first time travelers, you'll not only sale a Contiki Tour, but you'll likely build a life long client who returns again and again.

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