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DOWN UNDER ANSWERS is simply the only place to purchase your vacation for travel to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa and the Cook Islands. Explore our many wonderful vacations, from active, participatory vacations to more traditional itineraries. If you are interested in something different, and you don't see it on our website, call for a customized quotation. Down Under Answers employs staff who have lived and visited the regions. We send thousands of passengers to the South Pacific every year.

In business since 1992, Down Under Answers has grown to be one of the leading travel companies in our niche. Located in Seattle where the good life prevails, we specialize in ‘hands-on’ participatory vacations and try to give every itinerary a personalized element. This, we have discovered, is the secret to an extraordinary trip. Anyone can sell you an air ticket - only experts can choreograph your dream vacation.

Today’s travelers seek more interaction with the locals as a way of fully experiencing another culture. Travelers also enjoy pursuing their individual interests abroad against a different backdrop. There’s something special about making up a threesome and playing the back nine with a couple of members of the neighborhood club, or staying on a farm which has been in the host’s family for four generations and knowing that the antiques and portraits of ancestors weren’t acquired at an estate sale the week before.

Down Under Answers has always encouraged our travelers to experience the destination; more than discovery, we want you to be a part of the culture and the people. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the unique and different: resorts in world heritage listed areas, tours with experienced knowledgeable guides and regions where you can get off the beaten track and taste the wonders of these remarkable destinations. Whether your want to dive the Great Barrier Reef, wake up in a glorious overwater bungalow in Tahiti, experience the ever changing colors of Ayers Rock as your Aboriginal guide interprets their culture, or ride the rails from Sydney to Perth , we can arrange it. It’s what we are passionate about! We realize that each vacation is different. That’s why we like to ask you a lot of questions to find out what you envision for your vacation. Then, like artists, we will start with a blank canvas and create your South Pacific sojourn exactly as you dreamed, and so much more!

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