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Insight Vacations has been offering escorted trips for 35 years. They specialize in designing trips that include unique itineraries to some of the world's most interesting places. Every itinerary allows guests to travel in comfort and style as they visit some of the most exciting and beautiful places around the globe. These escorted journeys are categorized as premium and luxury and customers are guaranteed a one of a kind holiday where their needs are handled with immense care and an unwavering commitment to the quality of service.

Insight Vacations is special because its trips provide unique sightseeing experiences, cultural evening entertainment, accommodation in top of the line hotels, meals that represent authentic local cuisine, free time and flexibility, business class style, and top of the line service.

There are a diversity of destinations to choose from throughout Europe, Africa, North America and Asia. Tours in Europe focus on the region's rich history, spectacular scenery, quaint villages, and delicious cuisine. Countries visited include the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, and countries throughout Eastern Europe, among others.

Trips in Africa go to Morocco and Egypt. These historic cultures allow visitors to immerse themselves in a region that dates back to the cradle of our civilization. Guests can wander through markets in Cairo and shop for everything from antiques to spices or fine clothing and jewelry.

In the Middle East, by visiting countries such as Israel and Jordan, travelers can experience the birthplace of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They can visit historic sights such as Petra, Old Town Jerusalem, and the Ancient Pyramids. This life changing trip will create memories that last a lifetime.

North American trips take vacationers through the most beautiful parts of Canada and the most cosmopolitan cities in the United States. Customers can choose from vacations in Nova Scotia to cultural immersions in New York or San Francisco.

Asian itineraries visit culturally rich countries such as India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Visitors will be mesmerized by the vibrant colors, scents and festivals in these areas as they travel with the security of an escorted tour provided by Insight Vacations.
Travel Agent Website

Insight Vacations offers travel agents a website where they can access itinerary information, marketing tools, and a booking engine. The website is brought in partnership with Sabre Travel Network through their ClientBase product. Insight's Tropics reservations system allows agents to book both land and air tickets through an easy to use system. Land purchases with Insight typically pay a minimum of 10% to travel agents.
The Experience a Tour Program

Insight vacations offers three ways through which travel agents can experience their tours first hand. The two more traditional methods are by participating in an agent-only familiarization trip or by applying an agent discount to a regular tour product. The company offers between five and seven traditional fam trips per year and the standard discount on a regular tour for agents is 50% with an additional 2% for every passenger they sell within a given year.

A third option is through their Experience a Tour Program. Through this innovative program, travel agents are able to pick a tour in the United States, Canada, Mexico or Europe and join that tour for anywhere from one day to four days for a rate of $100 per night. There is also a companion rate of $100 per night as well. The tour must be booked within 60 days of departure and agents must arrange their own flights as well as transportation to and from the tour.

This unique program allows travel agents to sample an Insight Tour without committing to a full week or two of travel. This flexibility allows them to work within their own schedule and budget. It also allows travel agents to experience a true Insight Tour with actual travelers. Many agents are concerned that fam trips provide a limited experience that is geared specifically to travel agents. Through this program agents can experience exactly what their customers would experience.
Marketing Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations are perfect for those clients who want the reliability of a reputable company, but also enjoy flexibility in their itinerary and schedule. The wide diversity of trip styles, destinations, and itineraries allow travelers to truly find a vacation the fits their needs. The company visits a variety of destinations that travelers might otherwise overlook, including India, Egypt, and Bhutan. The company works hard to offer trips that are high in value but reasonable in price. The quality of service is above the rest and the comforts and amenities available during the tour are top of the line. By booking your client with Insight Vacations, you are trusting a company that has proven to be reliable and trustworthy.

Insight Vacations allows guests to relax and fully experience a destination. They do not rush guests through attractions but instead allow them to linger and fully appreciate their destinations. If your clients are looking for the convenience of a tour without the rush then Insight Vacations is a good option for them. Guides are well informed and knowledgeable on the destinations. They are well prepared to answer questions and makes sure they everyone makes the most of the cultural and educational opportunities that are available to them. Regardless of the country or region of choice, your clients will be assured a memorable and rewarding experience through Insight Vacations.

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