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Tauck is a dynamic tour company that offers a wide variety of tour types to a large and diverse number of locations. There are tours that specialize in everything from active and adventure vacations to family oriented travel or food and wine focused trips. Tauck also offers a unique type of trip that is specifically designed for solo travelers. These trips allow those travelers who are vacationing on their own to enjoy the company of similar, like minded vacationers.

Tauck also has trips that go all over the world. The most common vacations visit popular regions in Europe, including those to France, Italy, and the Mediterranean, among other places. Tauck also offers trips the North America including experiences in Alaska, Hawaii and Western Canada. For those looking for a more unique cultural experience, there are trips to Asia and South America. Tauck also offers its "Exotics" program, which includes once in a lifetime trips to places like Africa, the Middle East, and Antarctica. These trips specifically appeal to those travelers who may not typically travel with a tour. As a travel agent, marketing these tours allows you to reach an audience that you may otherwise miss and expand your client base for the future.

Tauck's company offers several different categories of trips. These include Tauck Worldwide Discovery, which focuses on worldwide land travel, Tauck Small Ship Cruising, which allows for easy, cultural exploration, Tauck River Cruising, which offers access to off the beaten path destinations, Tauck Bridges, which provides family vacations, Tauck Culturious, which immerses you in cultural experiences, and Tauck Events, which provide theme driven travel opportunities.

Many people choose Tauck because it truly does have something for everyone. Their trips are well researched and led by knowledgeable guides that make the experience both fun and informative. Visitors are able to immerse themselves in a culture or locale that is unique and fascinating, but still have the security of knowing that any problems or inconveniences that may arrise will be taken care of swiftly and efficiently. Tauck is also a good value option, with trips offered at reasonable prices that are comparable with others in the travel industry.

Cruise travel through Tauck is also very popular as it provides access to locations that may be otherwise difficult to reach. Most cruises are all inclusive in price and utilize small vessels where the experience is more personal and intimate. Shore excursions are designed to maximize the time in a location and provide the most unique and positive experience. Meals ashore are usually included in the price so guests are able to experience regional cuisine that is delicious and authentic. Tauck pays attention to every detail to make sure even the smallest touches are taken care of.
Tauck Travel Agent Website

Tauck offers a comprehensive website that is specifically designed for travel agents. Agents must first register for access to the website, but once they are logged in they will have access to many different tools, resources, and services that will make selling Tauck tours easier and more straightforward. On the website travel agents will be able to view information on the latest Tauck tours and special offers. There are also tools and educational resources that help agents market and sell these tours. Presentations and sales tips are available for your viewing. Other resources available through the website include brochures, detailed tour information, and downloadable educational resources that both you and your client can benefit from. Tauck is continually upgrading and improving their travel agent website, so you can be assured that the functionality will continue to grow and improve.
Tauck Agent Services

Tauck works directly with travel agents to ensure that the needs of the travel agency and the clients are met. Travel agents receive a standard commission for each tour booked, and then accumulate increasing rewards once they surpass a preset number of bookings. Tauck also offers a variety of incentive packages for repeat customers. Marketing tools are available for travel agents as well, in the form of downloadable brochures, itineraries, and tour availability confirmation. If you have a question or concern, Tauck's website allows you to directly communicate with a Tauck professional on their forums. Tauck appreciates the work done by travel agents and they work hard to provide all of the necessary tools are resources for marketing and selling these trips.
Marketing a Tour

Tauck provides travel agents with a variety of marketing resources. These include brochures, educational pamphlets and sales tips. They also offer a wide variety of products that appeal to a range of travelers. Their "Exotics" program provides tours to less traditional locations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Australia and Antarctica. These tours appeal to a wider audience that may otherwise not think to use the services of a travel agent. Armed with the information about these adventure tours, you can market your services to a younger, or more dynamic audience. Experiences on these tours are out of the ordinary, and appeal to individuals who are truly looking for a once in a lifetime adventure.

The longstanding reputation of Tauck is also an appealing aspect when choosing a tour. You and your clients can be assured that the trip will be well organized, thoroughly reseached, and hassle free. Clients are looking for a tour and a tour company that they know they can rely on, and Tauck provides that. Destinations are diverse, prices are reasonable, and the experience will be unforgettable.

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