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Trafalgar is one of the world's largest tour companies. First opened in 1947, the company has provided memorable travel experiences to millions of tourists in the years since. The company has a strong focus on European tours, but also offers escorted tours in Egypt, the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, China, Australia and New Zealand. The original focus of the company was to take travelers to some of the most famous icons in Europe, including Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. It has since diversified its tour offerings and travelers can now choose from a wide range of touring styles and options. Trafalgar offers tours that appeal to a variety of people. Whether your client is looking for a tour for singles, couples, seniors, or families, there are many options available to choose from.

Trafalgar aims to bring authentic travel experiences to its guests. It works hard to make sure travelers get to experience off the beaten path destinations they may otherwise have missed. The company offers an insider's view on a city or culture, and provides guests with an enhanced experience that helps them avoid the hassle and confusion that can come with planning a trip on their own.

The trips are planned by experts and they are stress and hassle free for guests. Transportation is provided in the from of modern coaches that are of high quality. The tours offer a good balance of organized sightseeing and free time, so guests can customize their own activities and immerse themselves fully in the cities they are exploring.
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As a travel agent you can take advantage of the wide diversity of tours offered through Trafalgar. There are options available for almost any type of traveler. Whether your client is looking for a low cost option, or they're more interested in traveling in luxury, Trafalgar has a tour for them. They also cover a wide diversity of destinations. Consider all of your client's interests and preferences before recommending one specific tour. Some tours focus more on history and art, while others are more appropriate for outdoor enthusiasts or nature lovers.

Trafalgar makes it easy to educate your clients on their tour options. With a variety of informative brochures and videos, it's easy to make sure both you can your client have all of the information you need to make the best decision. It's also easy to cross compare prices, destinations, and highlights for each tour. Consider a range of factors before choosing the best tour. Some tours spend more time on the road, while others focus on only a handful of cities. Some offer top of the line hotel options while others are more focused on value than luxury.

With a Trafalgar tour, clients are given VIP status when they visit certain major sights. The local guides are informed and knowledgeable on the sights and cities. They're also entertaining, so guests can have a good time and learn about a new culture, all at the same time. Trafalgar tours are a great option for a diverse group of people who are looking for a diverse experience in a new culture.
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Trafalgar Agent is the online website for travel agents. It serves as a portal for booking and tour information. Travel agents can easily register for the service with their IATA, CLIA, or ABTA number. Once they've registered, they will have access to all kinds of information and services. The booking engine is easy to use and powerful. Agents can make a booking from anywhere in the world at any time. They have access to real time itineraries that are up to date and current. It's also easy to confirm a client's space on a tour. By registering for the website, travel agents are also automatically include in the Trafalgar ePartners Program. Through this program they'll have access to all kinds of special offers and discounts. Registering at Trafalgar Agent makes booking tours easy.

Trafalgar originally began its operation in London in 1947. Although its focus remains predominantly on European travel, it has expanded its tours to worldwide destinations. Options available now include tours in such exotic places as Egypt, China, and South America. Trips are also available to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. There are first class Europe travel options, such as the Inspired Vacations, which offers a touch of luxury and first class hotels. These tours are perfect for those customers who are looking for a bit of comfort and style.

Budget conscious tours are also available within Europe. These CostSaver Tours are an excellent option for those who wish to see as much as possible through a good value tour. There is a great diversity of reasonably priced excursions available to guests, but there is also the flexibility built into the tour that allows individuals to explore a destination at their own pace.

Both inside and outside of Europe, tours are designed to offer first class service, high end accommodation, and an immersion in a culture that is fascinating and unique. Local experts are available to help provide knowledgeable insight into the destinations and insider's secrets into what to see and do while guests are in the area. Transportation is provided in the form of luxury, air conditioned buses, and guests are provided special VIP status when entering certain major sights. Airport transfers are also available on the days of arrival and departure.

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