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Viking River Cruises is the world's largest river cruise company. It first began operation in 1997 and operates in a wide variety of countries including throughout Europe, Russia, and China. It offers passengers a memorable experience with high quality service, gourmet cuisine, and a beautiful setting. River cruising is an excellent way to experience a country's culture, geography and natural beauty. The ships are smaller than ocean going vessels and the experience is often described as more personal and intimate. By traveling on rivers, the boats can access smaller towns and inland locations that are typically missed on other cruises or tours.
Online Travel Agent Portal

Viking River Cruises launched its Online Travel Agent Portal in 2008. The portal is designed to provide travel agents with a comprehensive on stop shop for all of there questions and needs regarding Viking River Cruises. The portal can be used to research any questions clients may have regarding their trip. All of the information you may need will be available in one, easy to find location, so you can answer a question in a matter of moments after a few short clicks.

The website is divided into several informative sections. These include a section on why you should sell Viking cruises, which discusses the specific benefits passengers receive while taking a cruise, commission information that is specific to travel agents, and information on FAM trips as well as other travel agent benefits. There is a section that gives travel agents access to marketing supplies, images of ships and destinations, as well as pamphlets and brochures. Training information is also available through the portal. These training sessions come in the form of PowerPoint or video presentations, webinars, and a schedule of trade events at which Viking Cruise Lines will be in attendance. Other sections on the portal give travel agents information on how to book group travel, access to pre-trip planning information such as passport and visa requirements, travel tips, and advice on booking air travel through Viking.

Also available on the portal is a search tool. With this easy to use search function, travel agents can filter itineraries by destination, date, river, or ship. Trips can be booked directly through the portal and pricing is available in real time. This allows travel agents to give their clients an immediate quote for the cost of a trip. By giving their clients quick information, they can easily decide on their vacation plans and move forward with the booking process.
Asia River Cruises

Yangtze River cruises are a popular way to experience rural China. Viking offers cruises on a state of the art river vessel that first began sailing in 2011. The Viking Emerald is an impressive ship that features large staterooms, junior suites and Explorer suites that offer sliding doors onto the veranda. This ship has been voted in Conde Nast Traveler as the top river cruise ship. The cruise takes passengers through the stunning Three Gorges region of China and passes by the awe inspiring Three Gorges Dam.

Cruises are also available along the Mekong Delta. The RV Indochina accommodates up to sixty passengers and carries them through one of the most culturally rich areas in the world. Passengers have the opportunity to visit the famed temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the markets in Vietnam during this one of a kind tour of Southeast Asia. The region's old world charm and hospitable people truly make this experience a trip of a lifetime.
European River Cruises

Europe has an impressive network of navigable rivers, making it an ideal region to visit by river cruise. Viking River Cruises has a longstanding reputation in the area for offering top of the line cruises in the region. In 2012 they began trips on the Viking Longships which have full-sized verandas and large staterooms. There's a lounge area with floor to ceiling windows and a terrace where passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenes passing by.

There are a variety of destinations and itineraries to choose from in Europe. Cruises travel along the Danube, Rhine, and Main Rivers passing by many small towns and larger cities. Guests can travel between Amsterdam and Budapest, going by the beautiful castles of Germany and the vineyards of Austria. Other trips travel through southern France, giving guests views of the beautiful countryside and the cobble stoned villages along the way. Itineraries in Europe are diverse and interesting. Consider the season and the interests of your customers when selecting the route that will be most enjoyable to them.
Russian River Cruises

Viking offers some of the best river cruises in Russia. They sail along the Volga River with class and style. There are large staterooms, an impressive restaurant facility and enjoyable public areas where guests can socialize and mingle.

Cruises in Russia run between St. Petersburg and Moscow, giving a unique perspective on the area's history and culture. Passengers get to experience both the impressive cities of Russia and the culturally rich small towns in the heartland as well. A variety of ships are available to choose from, and guests can enjoy tours of both Moscow and St. Petersburg as well. The trip can be made in either direction.

In the Ukraine, Viking River Cruises offers a beautiful cruise along the Dnieper River. Passengers have the opportunity to tour palaces, monasteries, and botanical gardens. The cruises travel between Odessa and Kiev with stops along the way that highlight the country's maritime history and impressive architecture.

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