The Best Contiki Tours of Asia - Adventure Tours for Young Adults

Southeast Asia Tours by Contiki

From Vietnam to Singapore, Contiki offers some amazing adventures for travelers aged 18 to 35. With a focus on seeing the sights as well as social interactions (can you say "nightlife"?), you'll be sure to have an amazing time.

Contiki's Thailand Tours - Beaches, Islands, and Parties

Thai Island Hopper West

by Contiki
8 days
This eight day tour takes beach lovers through some of Thailand's most famous islands. You'll start and end your tour in Phuket with visits to Koh Phi Phi and Krabi in between. You'll start with a couple of days in Phuket and have the option to explore the breathtaking Phang Nga Bay or head into Phuket Town to soak up some local culture.

Once you've gotten your feet wet, you'll make your way to Koh Phi Phi. Visit the beach made famous by the movie and snorkel in some of the bluest water you've ever seen. Koh Phi Phi's scenery will take your breath away and you'll feel like you're living in a dream the whole time you're on the island.

From Koh Phi Phi you'll make your way to Krabi where you can enjoy more local culture and good eats. Get a Thai massage or shop in the local markets while you spend a couple days chilling with your new friends. Enjoy your last night with the group and soak up Thailand's famed nightlife one more time before you head back to Phuket, where it all began.

Thai Island Hopper East

by Contiki
9 days
This nine day tour starts and ends in Koh Samui, visiting Koh Tao and Koh Pha-ngan as well. Meet your group in Koh Samui and hit the ground running as you head out to experience Thailand's famous nightlife. Spend your days soaking up the sun and lounging on the beach. Dine on Thai curries while you look out on the blue water.

From Koh Samui, head to Koh Tao, which is famed for its scuba diving. You can snorkel along the reef and see colorful coral and tropical fish. You can also explore the island and wander along the many hiking trails to waterfalls and scenic viewpoints.

After some time exploring Koh Tao, you can make your way to Koh Pha-Ngan where you can enjoy some of Thailand's best nightlife. During the day you can lounge on the beach or snorkel in the blue waters, and at night you can experience some of the best party destinations in Thailand.

Northern Thai Highlights

by Contiki
8 days
This seven day tour of Northern Thailand offers visitors a look into Thailand's culture, cuisine, and beauty. You'll explore vibrant cities and beautiful highlands, get lost in night markets and visit world renowned temples.

You'll start your tour in the vibrant city of Bangkok, where you can explore night markets, taste local pad thai, or enjoy a Thai massage. You'll also have time to visit the stunning Royal Palace. You'll take a guided tour of the Wat Arun temples and learn about the area's history and culture. Then the group will move on to it's next destination - the sleepy town of Kanchanaburi. You'll learn about the town's history before hopping on a boat to travel to your hotel. The next day you'll visit the infamous Death Railway and see the bridge over the River Kwai. Then you'll have time to visit the Sai Yok elephant sanctuary before having some free time to explore town.

From Kanchanaburi you'll stop off at Erawan Falls before heading to Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya is a UNESCO city that was originally the capital of the Kingdom of Siam. You'll get to explore the town on bike before you catch an overnight train to Chiang Mai. In Chiang Mai you'll have the chance to enjoy a variety of adventures including ziplining and visiting a number of temples. This is where your tour officially concludes but you have the option to purchase a return flight back to Bangkok through Contiki.

Beyond Thailand - Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos

Vietnam Experience

by Contiki
12 days
This adventure-filled tour of Vietnam meanders its way from Ho Chi Minh City in Southern Vietnam to Hanoi in Northern Vietnam. You'll hit the ground running when you arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, heading to the Ben Thanh markets where you can sample all kinds of local Vietnamese dishes. The next day you'll head to the Mekong Delta to experience the floating markets and learn about local life. You'll spend the night at a guesthouse before heading back to Ho Chi Minh City the next day. You'll have some free time to get to know the city and then move on the next day to Nha Trang. Nha Tran is famous for its sand beaches, water sports, and party scene. You'll have the option to take a cruise or just hang out on the beach. After a couple of days in Nha Trang you'll head further north to Hoi An. Explore the Old Quarter, take a cooking class, and head into the famous Marbel Mountains before moving on to Hue. Learn the dark history of this city and spend some time wandering around town before you travel on to Hanoi. You'll have time to take in many of the sights in Hanoi and wander through the famous Old Quarter. You'll also spend a night on a Chinese-style junk boat in the scenic Halong Bay.

Cambodia & Laos Uncovered

by Contiki
9 days
This nine day tour travels from Luang Prabang, Laos to Siem Reap, Cambodia. You'll meet your group and Trip Manager when you arrive in Luang Prabang before you head out to a riverside bar to watch the sunset. With a couple of days in Luang Prabang, you'll have time to take a bike tour around the city, visit the Kuang Si Falls, and explore a variety of palaces and temples. From Luang Prabang you'll make your way to Vang Vieng, which is known for its dramatic limestone karsts and delicious street food. You'll have two nights here and plenty of time to explore the local rivers and caves. From there you'll head on to the capital of Vientiane, which feels more like a quaint Mekong town than a chaotic capital city. From Vientiane you'll go to Cambodia's capital of Phnom Penh where you'll learn about the country's horrific history with the Khmer Rouge and visit the mass graves of the 'Killing Fields' as well as the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Finally, you'll reach the final stop of the tour, Siem Reap, where you'll visit the world renowned Angkor Wat.

Contiki's Regional Tours of Southeast Asia

Bangkok to Singapore Adventure

by Contiki
14 days
This two week, multi-country tour takes travelers through a diverse group of destinations, starting in Bangkok and ending in Singapore. You'll have just a brief stay in Bangkok where you'll meet your travel group and possibly squeeze in a visit to the Royal Palace, a massage, or some shopping. From there you'll head on to Surat Thani on an overnight train. The next day you'll continue on to the jungle of Khao Sok where you'll spend a couple of nights. You'll explore Cheow Larn Lake on a long tail boat and later take a bamboo raft to Pakarang Caves. Then continue on to Krabi, exploring the nearby islands and Rai Lei beach. Then continue on to the stunning beach of Langkawi, which will take your breath away. After a couple of nights in Langkawi move on to Penang, with it's many tasty treats and interesting culture that blends Malaysian and Indian influences. Head on the the Cameron Highlands where you can visit picturesque tea plantations, and fun strawberry farms. After relaxing in the cooler temperatures you'll spend the night in the cosmopolitan capital city of Kuala Lumpur. From there stop off for lunch in Malacca and finally arrive in Singapore where you'll complete your tour.

Asian Adventure

by Contiki
16 days
The Asian Adventure tour takes enthusiastic travelers through Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia over the course of sixteen days. The tour begins in the vibrant city of Bangkok and ends in the tourism haven of Siem Reap. You'll have a day and night to explore Bangkok. You can enjoy a visit to the Royal Palace and explore the city's canals. You'll also have just enough free time to get a Thai massage or do some shopping.

From Bangkok you'll move on to Kanchanaburi where you'll have two days in the sleepy town. You'll take a guided tour of the WWII Cemetery and visit the Bridge on the River Kwai. You'll also take a boat ride to the Jungle Raft Hotel where you'll spend the night before visiting the Sai Yok elephant sancturay and the Death Railway the next day.

From there you'll move on to visit the temples at Ayutthaya before catching the overnight train to Chiang Mai. You'll have three days in Chiang Mai to soak up the atmosphere. Options include taking a cooking class, ziplining, and visiting the area's many temples.

From Chiang Mai you'll cross the border to Laos and spend a night in Pakbeng before heading on to famed Luang Prabang. Visit waterfalls, hang out in a bar, and get your nature fix before moving on to Vang Vieng with its dramatic limestone karsts, and fascinating caves. After a few days in Vang Vieng you'll visit the capital of Vientiane before heading to Cambodia's capital of Phnom Penh. Finally, end your trip in the tourist town of Siem Reap with visits to the world famous Angkor Wat.

Big Indochina Adventure

by Contiki
27 days
If you're looking for the ultimate Southeast Asian adventure, then this is the tour for you. It lasts 27 days and visits Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, finishing up in Vietnam. The tour begins similar to the previously described Asian Adventure. It starts in Bangkok then makes its way to Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, Pakbeng, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap. From there it follows a route similar to the Vietnam tours, visiting Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue, Halong Bay, and finishing up in Hanoi.

If you want a diverse and comprehensive tour of the region, then this is it. You'll see temples, beaches, culture, and nature. You'll enjoy the region's famous nightlife and you'll also sit back and relax as the transportation and accommodation logistics are handled for you. By the end of the month you'll have made life long friends who you'll share memories with that last a lifetime.

Contiki Tour's of India - Both Southern and Northern India

Eternal India

by Contiki
12 days
Eternal India offers adventurous travelers the chance to explore a diverse region of India in a short amount of time. Over the course of twelve days you'll travel from Delhi to Goa, visiting Agra, Ranthambhore, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Mumbai in between.

After arriving in Delhi, you'll have two days to explore the city. You'll meet your travel companions and hit the ground running in Delhi. Explore Old Delhi with its many temples, markets, and street stalls. From there, you'll take a bus to Agra where you'll visit the famed Taj Mahal as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Agra Fort. From Agra you'll head to Ranthambhore National Park, which is one of North India's largest and most well known parks. You'll spend the night there and have time to visit the Dhonk Craft Centre, and have the option to enjoy a sunrise safari where you'll be on the lookout for tigers. Then you'll move on to the old and enchanting city of Jaipur. Visit the City Palace and the many bazaars around town. With two nights here, you'll have time to explore the Amber Fort (an add-on) or just soak up the sights and sounds of the city.

From Jaipur you'll head to Udaipur, with its majestic lake and colonial architecture. This city is unlike any other place in India. From Udaipur, you'll catch a plane to Mumbai, which offers a change of pace. From skyscrapers to markets, and colonial buildings, this city is sure to overwhelm the senses. Finally, decompress with some beach time in Goa before beginning your journey home.

Southern Spice

by Contiki
11 days
This tour takes travelers through Southern India over the course of eleven days. You'll begin your trip in Chennai and end in Cochin, visiting Pondicherry, Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Madurai, Periyar, Kumarakom, and the Kerala Backwaters in between.

You'll meet your group and begin your tour in Chennai where you'll have time to visit the Kapaleeswarar Temple and St Thomas's Church. You'll then leave Chennai and begin a journey through Tamil Nadu, stopping at Mahabalipuram Shore Temple and Krishna's Butter-ball boulder en-route. You'll eventurally reach Pondicherry where you'll spend two nights. You'll have the option to do the Heritage Walking Tour and have free time to explore the area. Then head on to Kumbakonam where you'll visit several artison homes and the Dharasuram temple. The next day stop off at Brihadeeswarah Temple en route to Madurai. Madurai is one of the oldest cities in India and it has a lot to offer visitors. From there you'll complete your crossing of Tamil Nadu and reach Kerala. You'll begin your visit with a stop in Periyar National Park where you'll visit a spice plantation and take a wildlife boat safari the next day. Then move on to the lake region of Kumarakom and finally the famed backwaters of Kerala where you'll spend the night on a traditional houseboat. End your trip in Cochin with it's delicious food and interesting palaces.

Contiki's Tours of Japan and China

Japan Unrivalled

by Contiki
13 days
Contiki's thirteen day tour of Japan takes visitors from Tokyo to Osaka, visiting Hakone, Takayama, Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Mount Koya along the way.
You'll start your trip in Tokyo, where you'll have three days to get to know your travel companions and explore this cosmopolitan city. You'll see the ancient Buddhist temple of Asakusa Senso-ji as well as the Imperial Palace and the Meiji Jingu shrine. You'll also have time for some excellent shopping and dining. From Tokyo you'll head to Hakone where you'll spend the night in a traditional Japanese guesthouse. The next day you'll enjoy the Japanese countryside as you make your way to Takayama with its wooden buildings and hot springs. This is a great place to explore by bike. After a couple of nights in Takayama, you'll head for Hiroshima via the whirlwind bullet train (traveling at 320 kilometers an hour!). With two nights in Hiroshima you'll visit the Peace Memorial Museum and learn about the city's tragic past. Then move on to Kyota, which is a cultural hub of Japan with manicured gardens, shrines, and temples. After a couple of days exploring the city, head on by train to Mount Koya where you'll stay in a Buddhist guesthouse. Finally, wind down your trip in Osaka where you can have fun doing karaoke, and dine on some tradional Japanese cuisine.

China Adventure

by Contiki
1 days
This twelve day China Adventure takes travelers from Beijing to Shanghai passing through Xi'an, Chengdu, and Yangshuo on the way. You'll start your journey with three days in Beijing. Meet up with your travel group and explore all of the historical sights in this fascinating city. Take a trip to the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, and a Cloisonne Factory. Wander through the Wangfujing Night Market and visit the Forbidden City before moving on to Xi'an on the overnight train.

With two nights in Xi'an, you'll enjoy dumpling dinners and be mesmerized by the Terracotta Warriors. From Xi'an you'll make your way to Chengdu by train. You'll spend part of the day at the Panda Sanctuary where you'll fall in love with these beautiful creatures. You'll also have the option to take a Sichuan cooking class in the evening.

From Chengdu you'll catch a flight to Guilin and drive on to Yangshuo through the beautiful countryside. This quaint village and it's surrounding area offers a great place to soak up Chinese culture.

From Yangshuo you'll catch a flight to Shanghai, your final stop on the tour. This energetic city is filled with lights and colors. The food is unmatched and the final days of your trip will be unforgettable.

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