Hiking, Walking, and Trekking Tours in Spain

Spain is a diverse country with a wide variety of landscapes, cultures, and sights. It's also one of the most visited countries in Europe. While many people visit Spain on a more traditional tour, for the more adventurous, there is no shortage of hiking or trekking tours. The most famed trek in Spain is the Camino de Santiago, but if you're looking for something a little different, there are a wide variety of walking tours described below.

Northern Spain

Northern Spain is a diverse area with no shortage of hikes for the adventurous explorer. You can explore dramatic mountains, beautiful coastlines, and off-the-beaten path towns. If you want something a little different, find a unique hiking tour in Northern Spain.

Walking the Picos de Europa

by Exodus Travels
8 days
Exodus Travels is an adventure tour company that has been around for more than 40 years. The company offers tours around the world that are high energy. There are walking and cycling tours as well as nature, wildlife, and winter sports.

Walking the Picos de Europa is a tour that takes travelers through Spain's third highest mountain range. You'll get to experience the area's dramatic limestone peaks and lush valleys. During the spring months there are beautiful wild flowers that light up the hike. This area is known as "Green Spain", and it is an impressive place to spend some time. Travelers may catch glimpses of a variety of wildlife including Golden eagles, Griffon vultures, and the more elusive bears, wolves, and boars.

Secret Trails of Medieval Spain

by Exodus Travels
8 days
The Secret Trails of Medieval Spain is another tour offered by Exodus Travels. It's an 8 day tour through Old Castile, which is one of the historic mediaeval kingdoms of Spain. The tour passes through a wide variety of landscapes including high plains, fertile valleys, and rolling hills. You'll wander the steps of pilgrims and explore a region that is rich with history and welcoming Spanish hospitality.

Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, or The Way of Saint James, is a large network of old pilgrim trails that ultimately meet at the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. The route has become one of the most popular hiking trails in Spain. Some follow the path for spiritual reasons, while others enjoy the cultural and historical significance of the experience.

Walk the Camino de Santiago

by G Adventures
8 days
G Adventures offers an eight day walking tour (five days on the trek) along the Camino de Santiago. The route passes through beautiful countryside and quaint villages. It covers the last 100 kilometers of the famed pilgrimage and you'll receive a "compostela" upon your completion of the hike. This is a wonderful walking tour that lets you soak up the atmosphere and all that the region has to offer while moving at a relaxed pace.

A Week on the Camino (self-guided)

by Peregrine
8 days
If you're looking for a bit more independence and flexibility, then Peregrine offers an eight day tour along the Camino de Santiago (six days walking). It takes you along the same route that medieval pilgrims followed for centuries and you'll never forget this trip of a lifetime.

Guided Camino Walk - Sarria to Santiago

by UTracks
8 days
UTracks offers an eight day tour (six days hiking) along the Camino de Santiago. It covers the final 115 kilometers of the trek and takes hikers through many historic and impressive sights. You'll pass through diverse landscapes and enjoy a beautiful hike alongside your guide and group. The guide serves and a source of rich information about the history and culture in the area.

Best of the Camino

by UTracks
13 days
The Best of the Camino is another popular tour offered by UTracks. This tour also follows along the Camino de Santiago and in total the trip lasts 13 days (10 days walking). The route follows the most interesting parts of the trek between Roncesvalles in Spain through Leon and Pamplona. You'll pass through varied landscapes and see a diversity of sights. Along the way you'll pass by many churches, monasteries, and crosses, which serve as reminders of the historical significance of the area. You'll be joined by a small group of companions and local guide who can offer any support you may need.


Valencia is located along the Mediterranean coast on the eastern side of the Iberian Peninsula. It has a dramatic landscape that makes it an interesting destination for a hiking tour.

Sierra de Aitana Trek

by Exodus Travels
8 days
Exodus Travels offers an 8 day tour (5 days actually hiking) along Sierra de Aitana. This area remains one of the more undiscovered parts of Spain. It follows along traditional footpaths, meandering along beautiful ridge lines which offer spectacular views of the surrounding areas. The trail slopes down into picturesque valleys and you'll pass by beautiful castles and historic sights. The area has a warm climate for most of the year, so this is a great hiking option for off season travelers.


Andalucia is a popular region for tourists in Southern Spain. The area has a relatively mild winter, making it a favorite year around destination for tourists. If you want to see a more off the beaten path part of the region, then a hiking tour may be a good option.

Trails of Andalucia

by Peregrine
8 days
Trails of Andalucia is an eight day tour offered by Peregrine. The trek takes you through green hills and picturesque white villages. Evenings are spent dining on local dishes and enjoying some local wine. You'll be able to immerse yourself in the culture with flamenco classes and and and a diversity of cultural experiences.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are an archipelago of Spain. They're located in the Atlantic Ocean and they offer visitors a variety of beautiful beaches and natural attractions. Hiking tours are one of the best ways to truly experience the islands.

Walking the Island of La Palma

by Exodus Travels
8 days
Exodus Travels offers visitors the unique opportunity to explore the island of La Palma. The entire island was classified as a Biosphere Reserve back in 2002 and there are more than 900 endemic species that reside there. The tour is a walking trip that wanders through a diversity of landscapes and ecosystems. It takes you around the northern and central parts of the island using well established trails. You'll experience beautiful coastal hikes, walks through national parks, and finally finish with the famed La Ruta de los Volcanes.

Tenerife on Foot

by UTracks
8 days
UTracks offers an eight day walking tour of Tenerife that lets you explore the island's diverse and beautiful scenery. You'll see Canadas del Teide, which is a massive crater spanning 16 kilometers. You'll have the option to visit lava caves or take a cable car to a spectacular view. You'll also explore the Anaga Peninsula and take a variety of coastal walks in the area.

This tour offers you a diversity of experiences while you visit Tenerife. If you want to experience the island in depth, then this is a good tour to choose.

Natural Tenerife

by Exodus Travels
8 days
Exodus Travels also offers a unique walking tour of Tenerife. It takes you away from the typical tourist hotspots and lets you experience the island's culture, biodiversity, and beautiful landscapes. You'll visit three different regions of the island and see some breathtaking scenery in route. You'll also be joined by an eco-tourism guide who will offer insights into the island and its many ecosystems.


Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean and it's the largest island of the Balearic Islands. It's a popular tourist destination with lots for visitors to see and do.

Mallorca Walking

by Butterfield & Robins...
6 days
Butterfield & Robinson offers a unique walking tour of Mallorca that lets you wander along the coast by secluded coves and beautiful views. You'll dine on delicious local cuisine and sip wine as you glimpse hidden corners of this beautiful island.

Several of the walks go through difficult terrain and include uphill climbs or steep drops. Every hike is worth the challenge, but participants should be prepared to exert some energy.

Walking in Mallorca

by Exodus Travels
8 days
Exodus Travels also offers a walking tour of Mallorca. It'll take you through the island's beautiful landscapes into the dramatic interior of the Tramuntana Mountains. You'll follow well marked trails through some of the island's highest peaks where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area. You'll also visit quaint villages with medival churches and terraced hillsides. Along the island's coast you'll enjoy walks by sleepy fishing marinas and undiscovered coves.

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