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Budget Your Trip helps travelers plan and track their travel budgets. Since 2010, we have gathered travel costs from tens of thousands of travelers who have ventured to every corner of the globe. Additionally, we have partnered with major travel companies to obtain travel pricing data for hotels, hostels, tours, activities, and sightseeing tickes. The result is this website, a huge repository of average and typical travel prices for thousands of global destinations. We also provide travel tips and advice for new and experienced travelers alike.

Our destination search allows travelers to learn more about the travel prices for places they are planning to visit, currently visiting, or just dreaming about. Our overall goal is to make travel more accessible for everyone by showing that many destinations do not have to be as expensive as many people believe.

Travelers who are planning a future trip can register and create a travel budget to plan their future expenses based on the average costs of their destinations or their own established costs. Then, once their trip begins, travelers can enter their expenses, thus contributing to the repository of travel costs. In many ways, it’s like a Wiki for travel costs.

All of the travel expenses which have been entered by travelers are then anonymously aggregated, averaged, and run through various statistical models to determine the average daily travel prices for countries and cities around the world. For more details about how it works, click here. Or, read more about how the numbers are calculated here. And here are our Frequently Asked Questions.

Additionally, we also provide travel tips, accommodation options, tour reviews, and other helpful budget travel information.

Who created BudgetYourTrip.com?

Bryan Tighe and Laurie Tighe
Bryan and Laurie

Budget Your Trip was created by two married travelers, Bryan and Laurie Tighe, who each have visited more than 50 countries. After multiple long-term trips, including a year-long around-the-world adventure in 2009, this website was born out of a need to find out how much stuff costs around the world.

During their trips, they found themselves constantly trying to learn about the price of traveling to their next destination. How much is a hotel? How much is lunch? Which is cheaper, the train or the bus? They asked other travelers about travel costs, researched costs online, and used plenty of travel guidebooks to find out about prices. They also honed their negotiating skills in order to save money and uncover the lowest possible prices when necessary. However, no single all-inclusive resource was available to find out the budgeting information that they really wanted and needed.

Bryan and Laurie were keeping track of their own budget in a spreadsheet. It was detailed, meticulous, and any number-loving nerd would be proud of it. It was the type of information that other travelers asked for when they met them along the road if the conversation turned to travel costs. What if everyone had a spreadsheet like this, and what if everyone could share their spreadsheets with everyone else? Well, isn’t that what the internet is for?

BudgetYourTrip.com was then born out of a combination of ideas. First, let travelers keep track of their own budgets. After all, travel can get expensive, and everyone wants to save money. Knowing where you stand, financially, is the first step. Second, provide typical travel cost information to everyone so that travelers can have the data they need to make better travel decisions. Over the years the website has evolved, changed, and grown, but the basic principle has remained the same - answer the question, "How much does it cost to go to…?"

So, what are you waiting for? Get started planning your next trip!

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