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Sometimes travel planning can be a challenge simply because so many destinations are viable options for your next trip. Should you go trekking through the Himalayas, cruising down the Danube in Europe, partying in Rio during Carnival, or bicycling through rural Japan during autumn? The possibilities are endless.

And if the possibilities are endless, so is the travel planning. Where should you stay? What should you eat? What activities should you experience? How will you get from place to place? And, most importantly, how much is it all going to cost? For some travelers, planning a big trip can be daunting.

Thus, we have the organized tour. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the possibilities and the logistics of everything, why not leave it to the experts? Organized tours provide everything you could need to enjoy your trip while ensuring that you see and do what's most important given your budget and schedule. If you only have a week to travel, why not make sure that you see the most important places that a destination has to offer as efficiently as possible in a comfortable way at an affordable price. That, in essence, is what an organized tour provides.

Tours go everywhere in the world, and are operated by a variety of different companies and people. Some tours are run by large international companies with good reputations of safety and value. Other tours are run by local companies with a true insight into the local culture with special "back door" access to see life the way it really is. And some companies do both!

Choosing a tour and a destination is sometimes just as important as choosing the right company. Fortunately, a long list of both tours and tour companies are provided here on this website to help you make your decision. And don't forget to have fun with the process of travel planning, because finding the inspiration to see all of the amazing things in the world is one of the best parts of travel. For more information, check out Should I Book a Tour? How to decide between a tour and independent travel as well as How to find a tour company that matches your travel style.

Budget Your Trip is all about finding out how much everything costs so that you can travel cheaper and longer. Created by avid travelers Laurie and Bryan, our goal is to help you plan your next trip on the right budget. With average daily travel costs that are calculated from the budgets of real travelers, plus an analysis of hotel and tour prices, you can find out how much money you need to plan your next adventure. We also have plenty of travel advice, accommodation reviews, and activity suggestions.
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