While you are traveling, either for business or pleasure, it is always important to keep your luggage and personal belongings safe. Theft is always a risk, but more often, sometimes things just get lost. While you’re walking down the street in a tourist destination, the risk is even greater because pickpockets tend to target travelers, especially in busy towns. There are several ways on how you can keep your belongings and luggage safe while traveling. Your stuff is very important and losing some of it can seriously ruin your travel plans. Listed below are various ways to keep your belongings safe whenever you’re traveling.

1. TSA security padlock

A simple 4-dial combination security padlock is a great choice to keep your luggage secure. If you are traveling and you want to purchase a quality security padlock, this is actually one of the best padlocks available, offering extra security to your valuable items.

2. Kinzd neck wallet-neck belt bag

Travel WalletThis is a great neck wallet that can keep your valuable items safe. It has an adjustable neck strap so that it can be hidden under your clothes. It has zip pouches where you can keep your cards and documents.  You can hide your passport, credit cards, and other important documents when you are traveling. Pickpockets will hardly know where it is or what to look for. This neck wallet has been made using high quality materials so that it will last a long time.

3. Safety luggage strap

Did you know that a safety luggage strap will allow you to safely secure your stuff every time you are traveling? This strap gives your suitcase an extra layer of protection. Because your suitcase has many of your valuable items, not to mention your clothes, it is always important to keep everything secure to minimize the risk of theft.

4. Trackimo TRKM002 Tracker

61VHgMc R4L. AC UL115 Keeping Your Stuff Safe While TravelingIf you don’t find your luggage, you can use this tracker to locate and find your luggage. If you want to upgrade your tracking and security tech to the next level, you will need to purchase this GPS tracker. If you were traveling and lost some of your luggage or valuables, you could use this tracker to locate and find your missing items. You can also use this tracker to monitor your children during your travels, too! This tracker also has a handy SOS button that alerts you if they need help.

5. Pacsafe travel safe

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00E8BK6KQ&Format= SL110 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=budgetyourtrip 20 Keeping Your Stuff Safe While TravelingThis is a very nice and attractive bag that allows you to safely lock your items. You can lock important electronic devices such as iPads, phones, and more inside of it. In this bag, you can use a combination lock to fasten the pouch, making it even more secure. This bag features a strong wire that is able to loop and lock around fixtures even while in the hotel room. It’s also somewhat small so that it is very convenient.

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6. Buy a money belt

41AJle%2Bt3ZL. SL250 Keeping Your Stuff Safe While TravelingMoney belts are a very useful piece of equipment to keep your money safe. If you are traveling and you don’t want to lose your money to potential thieves, you should use a belt such as this one or a similar one. Pickpockets can hardly access your money when you don’t keep it in your pocket, and a money belt is worth having when you are traveling and walking around town.

7. SCOTTeVEST Pack Jacket

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01ETRPWBG&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=budgetyourtrip 20 Keeping Your Stuff Safe While TravelingThis travel jacket is pickpocket proof and has 13 pockets where you can safely keep your important documents. It is lightweight and has been made using breathable fabric material. It has two zippered chest pockets where you can conveniently access your important documents whenever you need them. If you are traveling and you’d like to use your clothes to keep your items safe, this is a perfect choice.

Your luggage and valuables are very important; it is always good to ensure that all your items and travel documents have an extra layer of security. Whenever you are traveling, you should make sure that your belongings are safe from potential thieves and mishaps. Good luck, and travel safe.

This is a guest post from Kinzd, provider of travel safety supplies.