Vanautu Hotel Prices

How much do hotels cost in Vanautu? We analyzed the price of hotels in Vanautu to help you figure out how much you might need to spend when visiting. If you're on a tight budget, traveling in luxury, visiting alone, or taking a family vacation, we have broken down the costs of hotels in Vanautu by star-rating, category, and guest ratings. So, let's find out if the hotels in Vanautu are expensive and where the best or cheapest hotels can be found.

How much do hotels cost in Vanautu?

Vanautu Average Hotel Price

Travelers to Vanautu will have a large number of accommodation options with a variety of prices. The price of a hotel can vary by amenities, dates, and neighborhood. Based on data from 53 hotels, the average hotel price in Vanautu is $129, and the median price is $116.

(All hotel prices are in US Dollars before taxes, and come from a base price that is reported by Kayak. Peak season prices can vary significantly, particularly in destinations where seasonal travel fluctuates dramatically.)

Prices of the Highest Rated Hotels in Vanautu

Are you looking for the best hotel in Vanautu? After we analyzed the 17 highest rated hotels in Vanautu (the top 25%), we found a variety of options at different price ranges. The average price of the highest rated hotels in Vanautu is $161, and the median price is $151. So, here are the price ranges of the top hotels in Vanautu for your next trip.

Prices for Luxury Hotels in Vanautu

Looking for Vanautu's best hotels? The average price of the 9 top luxury hotels in Vanautu is $258, and the median price is $250. The price ranges below will help you understand how much these hotels will cost for your next trip.

Prices for Mid-range Hotels in Vanautu

Hotel costs per night in Vanautu are displayed below for mid-range hotels. For the 25 mid-range hotels in Vanautu, the average price is $134, and the median price is $127. These typical Vanautu hotel rooms are a good representation of what is available, because they are in the middle of the total price range while still providing quality amenities.

Prices for Budget Hotels in Vanautu

To find the best cheap hotels in Vanautu, we analyzed the prices of the 19 budget hotels in Vanautu. The average price of these budget hotels is $60, and the median price is $57. The highest rated hotels which are below the average cost in Vanautu are presented below, along with the price ranges of all budget hotels.

Hotel Prices by Star Rating for Vanautu

The star ratings of hotels are based on amenities and the level of service, and not guest ratings. Some countries and cities have strict criteria for how hotels are rated based on specific amenities.

4-Star Hotel Prices

$160 is the average price of the 20 4-star hotels in Vanautu. The median price for these hotels is $165.

3-Star Hotel Prices

The average price of the 24 3-star hotels in Vanautu is $115, and the median price is $116.

2-Star Hotel Prices

After an analysis of 6 hotels, $62 is the average price for the 2-star hotels in Vanautu, and the median price is $53.

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