The Best Hostels in Florence from $12 (November 2023)

Hostels for backpackers, solo travelers, couples, families, and groups

Archi Rossi Hostel
The historical and dynamic city of Florence is home to many hostels and other budget accommodation options. As this city draws in a huge crowd of visitors due to its charming historical atmosphere, world-class museums, and easy access to the rest of Tuscany, plenty of diverse options for accommodation are available. A simple search for places to stay has probably already left you overwhelmed, not just with the choices, but also with the prices.

Hostels offer a great way to save money as well as have a fun social environment to meet other travelers. In this article, we have outlined the best hostels for every type of traveler. So, read on to find out what you need to know to find the best hostel in Florence for your travel style, and choose one that meets your needs and budget.

How much do hostels in Florence cost?

As far as prices go, Florence is on par with Europe for the cost of a dorm bed or a private room in a hostel or guest house. Italy is not a particularly cheap destination, so expect to pay anywhere from €20 to €40 for a dorm bed. In fact, the average price of a dorm bed in a Florence hostel is €20 ($22). Also, the average price for a private room in a hostel in Florence is €48 ($54).

It's possible to find cheap dorm beds for as low as a few euros or dollars per night in the off season. Even during the high season in summer, cheap prices can be found. However, the quality of the hostel is often reflected in the price - you get what you pay for. Make sure you read reviews and check out the photos before you make your reservation.

Also, during the busy season (in summer), it's generally a good idea to book ahead because the best hostels fill up quickly.

Choosing a Hostel in Florence

So, what should you look for when deciding on the best hostel for you? Cost is an obvious choice. Otherwise, make sure you look at the social vibe. Some hostels are focused on partying, while others are more chill and quiet. Some hostels also provide a nice long list of great amenities such as free breakfast or an on-site restaurant or cafe. Also, some hostels cater more to young solo travelers or students, while others are for couples and families.

Make sure you know where the hostel is situated, too. Some hostels have a terrific location so that you don't have to spend all of your time getting in and out of the city center. And believe it or not, some hostels also have added benefits such as a swimming pool, tour bookings, and organized parties or group dinners.

You might want to prioritize some of these amenities and benefits over others when making your choice. Many times, these added amenities will affect the price, too.

So, let's get to it!

The Overall Best Hostels in Florence

Hostel Gallo d'Oro

Who should stay here: All types of travelers including solo travellers, groups, female travellers, and couples
Location: In the San Marco neighborhood a bit outside of the city center
Amenities: A small common area and dining area, free breakfast, vending machines, a shared kitchen, and laundry facilities
Personality:: A friendly and welcoming hostel with great amenities
Heads Up: It's not always the most social hostel

This colorful hostel is all about the amenities. They offer a free buffet breakfast which is available every morning, plus a buffet dinner served each night. During the day you can enjoy a number of snacks. The facilities are also clean and comfortable, the rooms are nice, and the staff is friendly.

Hostel Gallo d'Oro has dorms that sleep either four or six people. They have bunk beds that are generally comfortable and there are also female only rooms that are separate from the co-ed rooms.

The location is a bit outside of Florence's city center, but most sights and attractions can be reached with a fifteen minute walk or so.

Cheap Hostels in Florence

Hostel 7 Santi

Dorm Bed $21.07
Private Room $34.24

Who should stay here: Groups of friends and budget backpackers
Location: Outside the city center near Artemio Franchi football stadium
Amenities: Yoga classes, luggage storage, Wi-Fi, a restaurant and computers
Personality:: A large hostel that appeals to groups and budget backpackers
Heads Up: This hostel is large so it can be hard to meet people.

This large hostel is popular with large groups, budget travellers, and long term travellers. In many ways it feels a bit like a budget hotel, but there's a shared kitchen area where guests can buy or prepare food. The rooms are basic but comfortable and the crowd is diverse.

The hostel is located a bit outside of the city center, but you can catch a bus to the Duomo in about ten minutes. The location means that rooms are cheaper than you might find elsewhere.

This hostel offers dorms that sleep three, four, six, or eight people. If you want a little more space to yourself, there are hotel style private rooms available as well.

Emerald Palace

Dorm Bed $24.05
Private Room $32.06

Who should stay here: Small groups, couples, and budget travellers
Location: In San Lorenzo near the Chapel of Medici
Amenities: A large breakfast (paid), luggage storage, and laundry facilities
Personality:: A local hostel with a truly Italian Personality:
Heads Up: The hostel can feel a bit dated.

This locally run hostel is in a great location walking distance to the Duomo. It is housed in a historic building that has a quintessential Florence Personality:. The rooms are surprisingly large given the hostel's central location and the beds are comfortable. The staff speaks mostly Italian, but will work with you to answer any questions you may have.

This hostel has four and six bed dorm options. The beds are singles, not bunk beds, which is a nice change. The hostel also has double and triple private rooms available. The double rooms have a queen bed and the triple rooms have three twin beds. There's also a split level apartment unity that has three twin beds and a pullout sofa bed.

Hostels with the Best Location in Florence

Academy Hostel

Who should stay here: Couples, female travellers, and small groups of friends
Location: A block from the Duomo
Amenities: Common space, free towels and linens, free breakfast, vending machines, and a shared kitchen (but no stove)
Personality:: A quiet, relaxing, and convenient place to stay
Heads Up: It can be a bit hard to meet people here.

This hostel is a true backpacker hostel, not a guesthouse, but it's still a quiet and peaceful place to stay in central Florence. You can see the Duomo from the building, so the location really can't be beat. There are some great amenities available to guests, like free breakfast every morning. The rooms are cleaned daily (they'll ask you to leave so they can clean), and the facilities are comfortable.

This hostel has dorms that sleep three, four, five, or six people. You can also choose between rooms that are either en-suite or shared bathrooms. The beds are singles, which offers a nice change if you're used to staying in bunk beds.

There are also twin private rooms that either have en-suite or shared bathrooms. The rooms have nice furnishings and are definitely a step above the dorms in every way.

Hostel Santa Monaca

Dorm Bed $19.74
Private Room $35.53

Who should stay here: Students, backpackers, and small groups of friends
Location: A 15 minute walk from the Duomo
Amenities: Laundry, bike rental, vending machines, and travel information
Personality:: A no frills budget hostel
Heads Up: This hostel focuses on affordability.

This hostel offers excellent bang for the buck. It's been around for awhile, but it's reliable and popular with all types of budget travellers. The rooms are basic but clean. The location is excellent and walking distance to many things, and the staff is friendly. This isn't a particularly social hostel, but it has a diverse crowd of guests that are all different ages and nationalities. The larger rooms are perfect if you want to save money and, depending on your roommates, that remain fairly quiet, even with the large number of people staying there.

This hostel offers a wide range of room types to choose from. There are dorms that sleep anywhere from four to sixteen guests and both co-ed and female only rooms are available. The rooms have basic bunk beds and the bare essentials are provided. The rooms are kept clean and for the most part you can enjoy a good night's sleep here, even in the larger dorm rooms. There are also basic twin rooms available. Like the dorms, don't expect much in the way of furnishings, but there is an attached bathroom and two basic twin beds.

Hostels in Florence for Families

Archi Rossi Hostel

Dorm Bed $45.77
Private Room $45.77

Who should stay here: Couples, families, students, budget travellers, and small groups of friends
Location: In the Santa Maria Novella neighborhood walking distance to many sights and attractions
Amenities: A free buffet breakfast, laundry facilities, and a refridgerator and microwave
Personality:: A friendly place with a welcoming atmosphere
Heads Up: This isn't really the most social hostel.

This hostel is located in a converted hotel, so it still has a bit of the vibe of a hotel. It's lobby and public areas are well decorated with art, and you really feel like you're in Florence here. The hostel has a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and is in a convenient location, particularly as you arrive and depart. There are several common areas, including a small garden, where you can hang out, but most visitors stick to the groups they came with.

The free breakfast that's served every morning is delicious and filling. It includes both hot and cold items and is the perfect way to stay your day in Florence.

In addition to the dorms and private rooms, there are small family style rooms that are perfect for families traveling together. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms and there are basic furnishings that create a nice setting for guests.

The Best Local Hostels in Florence

Ostello Tasso

Who should stay here: Small groups or anybody who wants to see a local side to Florence
Location: In the Santo Spirito neighborhood across the river from most tourist attractions
Amenities: A patio, common space, laundry facilities, and a small breakfast
Personality:: An eclectic, local hostel that often brings in local artists or musicians
Heads Up: There are often loud concerts or shows on weekend nights

Ostello Tasso is a fun and creative place to stay in an authentic part of Florence. Although it's on the other side of the river from many of the city's main attractions, it's in a neighborhood with many great local restaurants and shops. The hostel has the facilities and vibe of a hotel, and it's quiet and peaceful during the week. On weekends they host concerts, events, and poetry readings that bring in local artists and musicians. The events can sometimes go late into the night and are often quite loud, but lots of fun if you choose to participate.

This hostel has dorms that sleep either three or six people. The rooms have single beds and ceiling fans and as long as there's not a concert or event going on, they stay pretty quiet. There are also single, twin, and double private rooms. The rooms are kept very clean and have nice furnishings.

The Best Hostels for Groups in Florence

Plus Florence

Dorm Bed $17.96
Private Room $25.33

Who should stay here: Large groups, small groups, backpackers, students, and solo travellers
Location: About ten minutes from the Santa Maria Train Station
Amenities: Indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, on-site restaurant, laundry facilities, breakfast (for a price), and vending machines
Personality:: A large hostel with many unique amenities
Heads Up: The hostel's large size means it can be a bit hard to meet other travellers

This is a large hostel that's perfect for groups of all sizes. With large size, you'll also find great amenities, and this hostel is all about the facilities! There's a pool and sauna, an on-site bar and restaurant, and a rooftop terrace. The hostel itself is quite large, with a wide diversity of room types and sizes. The staff are friendly and do a great job handling the large number of people that pass through the hostel.

The hostel is near the train station and walking distance to many popular sights in Florence. The rooms stay pretty quiet despite the hostel's large size so you can enjoy a quiet night's sleep.

This hostel has four, six, and eight bed dorms that are a good size with the standard furnishings. There are also female only rooms that sleep between four and eight people. It's not uncommon to get bumped to a better room if the accommodation isn't full. There are also private rooms available if you'd like a little space to yourself. There are single, twin, double and three bed rooms to choose from and each room has basic furnishings and an en-suite bathroom. The three bed room has one double bed and one single bed.

Also popular with large groups is Hostel 7 Santi, which is described above. With about 190 beds, they are well equipped to fit groups of all sizes.

Ostello del Bigallo Hostel

Who should stay here: Groups, backpackers, and independent travellers
Location: On a hill outside of Florence
Amenities: Cooking classes, pasta dinners, and a beautiful garden
Personality:: A peaceful retreat outside of the city
Heads Up: Expect a long bus ride and hike up a hill to get to this hostel.

Set in an old monastery, this hostel offers a truly unique experience that can't be matched anywhere else. They offer tours and cooking classes, and it's a friendly place to stay with helpful staff who keep things fun and social. The rooms are interesting and the view over Florence at night is not to be missed.

This hostel is a bit outside of town and you can expect at least a 35 minute bus ride to get to the Duomo. But if you want a slightly different experience, then this is the place to stay.

There are two dorm types here - one that sleeps five, and one that sleeps eight. These aren't typical hostel dorms though. They're designed by local craftsmen and the decor stays true to the renaissance style. Even more unique than the dorm rooms are the alcoves. These were traditionally used by monks but today the hostel offers twenty beds in wooden alcoves. Each alcove has two wooden beds and is divided from the other alcoves by a wooden barrier. If privacy is important to you, then you'll enjoy one of the five double rooms that are available.

Quiet Hostels in Florence

Leonardo House

Private Room $26.34

Who should stay here: Couples, female travellers, and young professionals
Location: About a third of a mile from the Duomo
Amenities: A small kitchen with a kettle, microwave, and a small fridge
Personality:: A guesthouse with a small dorm room that sleeps four
Heads Up: This is a small guesthouse and the rooms can be a bit dark

This is a small guest house and hostel. There's only six rooms, most of which are private rooms, but there's also a four bed dorm. The owner, Leonardo, is wonderful and really goes into detail with his advice of where to go and what to see. The guesthouse is conveniently located near both the train station and many popular sights, but despite its central location and wonderful quaint atmosphere, it's still very affordable.

This hostel's small size means it's the perfect place to stay if you want a quiet environment where you can enjoy a good night's sleep. It feels more like a guesthouse than a hostel, so don't expect the typical social setting of a hostel, but for those who value their privacy, this is the perfect place to stay.

Florence Hostels for Couples

The Academy Hostel, described above, offers a great option for couples who want hotel quality private rooms in a hostel setting.

Hostels in Florence for Students

Archi Rossi Hostel's location in a popular neighborhood with students makes it a great option for university students who want to be near bars and a young crowd. A more detailed description is above.

If you're interested in more accommodation options in Florence, you should also see Party Hostels in Florence, Florence Hostels Near the Duomo, Hostels for Groups in Florence, Quiet, Quaint, and Safe Hostels in Florence, Italy, and Affordable Hostels for Backpackers and Students in Florence, Italy.
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