Should I spend 1, 2, or 3 days in Florence?

Should you spend 1, 2, or 3 days in Florence?

Most people spend two to seven days in Florence during their visit. The iconic city offers amazing highlights such as the famous sights and museums, the historic old town, the cuisine, and the gorgeous scenery.

Florence is the capital of Italy's famous Tuscany region. It's a city filled with some of the world's most famous and beautiful art and architecture. There are many iconic sights including the famous Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, and the The Galleria dell'Accademia where you'll find Michelangelo's David. The city is also filled with cafes and shops where you can buy fine Italian items or souvenir knockoffs.

Do you have one or two days to visit Florence? Here's our comprehensive breakdown of how much time you might need for your trip along with some suggestions for things to do.

Is one day enough time in Florence?

Florence holds a significant allure for tourists because of its many sights and attractions. Given only one day, you will likely find yourself hurrying to experience the key highlights such as the famous sights and museums, the historic old town, and the cuisine. To truly savor all that the city boasts, a more generous amount of time is advisable. Many travelers opt for two to seven days to thoroughly relish the wonders of the city. However, if your schedule is tight, we have a handful of recommendations for making the most of your visit.

How to spend a day in Florence

When visiting Florence, you absolutely can't miss the Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore) as it's one of the most famous places in the world. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to fully experience it.

The culinary scene in Florence is world famous, and draws visitors from around the globe. Make sure you spend time enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner at some of this city's best restaurants. And consider a food tour, too. Many are either a half day or just a few hours, so you can fit one into your schedule easily. Once you've worked up an appetite exploring museums and churches, you'll find many amazing local restaurants around town. Local dishes incorporate a lot of hearty vegetables and meats. Famous dishes include a Florentine steak dish, rabbit, and a bean bed and cabbage soup.

A few tour suggestions include:

  • Florence Food Tour with truffle Pasta, Steak & free flowing Wine ($142)
  • Streaty - Street Food Tour of Florence ($83)
  • Florence Food and Wine Tasting Tour! Private with Local Expert ($133)

Florence is a walkable city and easy to explore on foot. With only a day in the city, you'll have no trouble seeing the local sights. Most people explore the city on foot.

Is a weekend (two to three days) enough time in Florence?

Since it's a small city, you'll probably need more than a weekend to take advantage of everything to do in Florence. Two or three days still gives you a good amount of time to explore, though, as you'll have a chance to experience at least some of the major attractions. In addition to the great museums and landmarks and fun charming old town, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery, shopping, and nightlife by staying for a weekend.

Florence Florence

How to spend 2 days in Florence

Having a weekend (two to three days) in Florence will provide you with more time to take in the best activities in the city.

Florence is home to renowned museums and iconic landmarks, so dive into the city's famous attractions. The city's historical sites rank among the most awe-inspiring globally. Because of it's important role in the Renaissance, the city has many world-renowned museums that you can visit. Famous sights and landmarks include the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo, and the Academy Gallery.

A few tour suggestions include:

  • Private Tour of Pitti Palace with Boboli Garden ($165)
  • Small Group Uffizi & Accademia Museum with Walking Tour ($176)
  • Pitti Palace Boboli Garden & Palatina Gallery Guided Tour ($108)

Florence is known to be such a beautiful destination, so just exploring and taking it all in should be one of the top things to do on your list. The city's beautiful architecture and impressive gardens make it among the most beautiful cities in the world.

A few tour suggestions include:

  • Florence Sunset Walking Tour with Wine & Food Tasting ($155)
  • Private Tour of Pitti Palace with Boboli Garden ($165)
  • Tuscany Sunset Vespa Tour ($188)

The public transit in Florence is fast and efficient. Over the course of a few days, you should be able to explore the city quite easily and affordably. There is a comprehensive bus system.

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