Should You Visit Aoraki Mount Cook?

Is Aoraki Mount Cook worth visiting?

Yes, Aoraki Mount Cook is worth visiting for a number of reasons. This is a mountain that everyone should explore, and we loved our time here.

Whether you're a traveling as a family, a couple, or a backpacker, this mountain has a lot to offer. Any local will tell you what makes it special is the great hiking.

Mount Cook is the highest peak in New Zealand and it offers a stunning setting with beautiful views and world class hiking trails. There are challenging routes for expert climbers as well as beginner trails that cater to the masses.

Aoraki / Mt. Cook, New Nealand Aoraki / Mt. Cook, New Nealand

1 Reasons to Visit Aoraki Mount Cook

1. Hiking

There are beginner trails as well as world class routes that bring out expert climbers. As the highest peak in New Zealand, many people come here for the challenge, but if you're looking for a most simple experience, the hiking opportunities are still abundant.

Things to Consider Before Visiting Aoraki Mount Cook

Food: Aoraki Mount Cook doesn't top the list for most foodies. There are a few cafes and restaurants in the village, but if you're doing any hiking you should pack your own food.

Getting Around
The area is not very walkable, and public transit is not great here, so it might be difficult to get around without arranging your own transportation.

The Cost
Depending on your budget, schedule, and travel style, Aoraki Mount Cook might be an expensive destination for you. You can find out the travel costs for Aoraki Mount Cook here or see if Aoraki Mount Cook is expensive here.


What is Aoraki Mount Cook most famous for?

Aoraki Mount Cook is most famous for its glaciers, alpine setting, and being the highest mountain in New Zealand. People visit this impressive mountain for its great hiking. It is often described as breathtaking, world renowned, scenic, and dramatic.

What is the most famous sight in Aoraki Mount Cook?

The most popular sight in Aoraki Mount Cook is the Hooker Valley Track. You can see prices and costs for this and other sights in Aoraki Mount Cook on our travel costs page.

Or, see tickets, activities, and tours for the Hooker Valley Track and other attractions here.

How touristy is Aoraki Mount Cook? Is it a popular mountain to visit?

Aoraki Mount Cook is a popular mountain for tourists and travelers. Here are some of the most popular activities and tours. (Prices in US Dollars)

    • Gold Hunting Adventures: $233
    • Mt. Cook to Queenstown Small Group Tour (1-way): $110
    • Day Tours from Mount Cook: $158
    • Franz Josef Nature Tour: $57
    • Mt Cook Small Group Tour from Queenstown with Optional Activities: $158
    • Mt Cook & Hooker Valley Hike Small Group Tour from Queenstown: $158
    • Fox Glacier Nature Tour: $57
    • Lake Matheson Nature Tour: $57

    How long should I spend in Aoraki Mount Cook?

    The ideal length of time for a trip to Aoraki Mount Cook is two to four days. Since Aoraki Mount Cook has a variety of activities such as hiking, most people need this much time to see and do everything here.

    If you have a specific amount of time for your trip, see our advice about how much time to spend here: Should I spend 1, 2, or 3 days in Aoraki Mount Cook? and Should I spend 3, 4, or 5 days in Aoraki Mount Cook?.