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Intrepid Travel as been around since 1988 and it has grown into a well known and popular tour company. They offer tours to over 100 countries and focus of small group travel and authentic local experiences. They offer a balance of organized activities and free time, so you can wander around on your own, but also have informative, structured activities.

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This company appeals to all ages and budgets. Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple, or with friends, they offer an experience that you're sure to enjoy.

The "leaders" of each tour are local experts who know the ins and outs of the location. They know everything from the best restaurants to the best local hangouts. Intrepid travel believes that hiring the best local experts is how you create the best trip, and that's what they do in every country they explore.

In addition to the more traditional trips through Europe and Italy, Intrepid Travel has some unique options available as well. There's a cycling trip through Tuscany, sailing trips along the Amalfi coast, food tours, and tours that take you off the beaten path. There are also tours available for Sicily.

In addition to some of the more unique options, there are also more classic tours of Italy to choose from. Popular stops include Rome, Venice, Florence, Portofino, Cinque Terre, Milan, and Pisa. Tours that head to southern Italy often include Naples, Pompei, Amalfi, Trani, Bari, Matera, Alberobello, and Lecce. Some tours explore nearby countries in Europe as well as Italy.

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4 days
Intrepid Travel is a great option if you want to see Italy on a new level. Whether you're interested in a more active tour, or a cultural experience, there are options available. This company also has tours available in many parts of the country, outside of the most popular routes. If you want something a bit different, then this company is a good option for you.

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This whirlwind overview tour of Italy doesn't leave out anything! You'll have a blast in Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan... and don't forget about the coastal areas around Portofino either! This truly is the Best of Italy.

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10 days
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8 days

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