IMG 3783 Photo Friday: Mali

Photo Friday: Mali

One of the most amazing places in the world is also one of the most overlooked. Mali is a large country in West Africa with a diverse and friendly population. They love their history, their culture, and especially their music. Here are some photos to tempt you into visiting.

Update: a lot of you have been asking about Mali. You can read about our experiences and adventures in this amazing West African country here: Mali: Come and Understand.

Dogon Village
A village on top of the cliff, Dogon Country, Mali
Dogon Girl
Dogon Country, Mali
Market Day
The Dogon week only has 5 days. Many of the villages have a weekly market every 5 days, and are named after the day of the week when they host the market. (Many of the Dogon villages have the same names.)
Djenne Monday Market
At the weekly Monday market in Djenne, Mali
Clay Bricks
Most buildings in Djenne, Mali are made from clay bricks
Foosball Table
This might look weird, but in Africa we saw Foosball tables all over the place. They are all outside on the street, and most are surrounded by kids and adults.
The Well
A well in a small village near Segou, Mali
Malian Girl
Finally, she smiled for my photo. (Segou, Mali)
A man sells peanuts at the market in Seqou, Mali
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8 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Mali

  1. Love these pictures Bryan!!! I’m going back to Mali in two months and these photos made me very happy :) B well, Phil

    1. That’s great that you’re going back! We’re very jealous. Mali is one of the best countries we’ve ever visited.

    1. Yes, actually. Many of these were taken in Dogon Country which is one of the more “touristy” areas. Not that anything in West Africa is all that touristy. The bus system in Mali is surprisingly efficient, much more so than many of its neighboring countries.

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