The Great Wall of China near Beijing

Photo Friday: Beijing

Beijing is a masterpiece of human culture. We spent about two weeks in the city, fell in love with it, and watched the old mix with the new. Residents bike up and down the hutong alleyways while new cars zip along the wide boulevards past rising skyscrapers. We’ve all heard that China is growing at a phenomenal pace, but you have to see it in person to fully understand the transformation.

Here are some photos from our recent travels in this amazing city:

The old and the new, Beijing
Chinese Man
In a hutong in Beijing
Beijing Hutong
A cafe in a hutong alleyway in Beijing
Beijing Night Market
At the Night Market which is full of weird food in Beijing
Chinese Girl
A model poses for a photo at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing
The Great Wall of China near Beijing
The Great Wall near Beijing
Beijing Birds Nest Olympic Stadium
These two girls wanted us to take their picture jumping in front of the Olympic Stadium. They Chinese are very proud of the 2008 Olympics.
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2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Beijing

  1. From your photo of The Great Wall, it seems like you got there far from the usual spot for tourists (I conclude that from the rather scattered rocks), which I think is very cool! Which way did you take to get to the wall?

    1. It was the Badaling section of the wall, but not near the main touristy part. They called it the “secret wall” You need your own transport to get there. I’m not exactly sure how or where to point you, because we took a tour to get there (organized from the Leo Hostel in Beijing). I think you could take a bus to the main Badaling section and ask to be taken to the “Remnants” section where the wall has been broken through.

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