Micronesia Average Hotel Costs: Nightly Room Prices by Accommodation Type

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How much do hotels cost in Micronesia? We've analyzed the prices of hotels in Micronesia to help you figure out how much you might need to spend when visiting this amazing destination. If you're on a tight budget, traveling in luxury, visiting alone, or taking a fun family vacation, we tabulated the costs of the best hotels in Micronesia by star-rating, category, guest ratings, and amenities. So, let's find out if these amazing hotels in Micronesia are expensive, or where the best or cheapest hotels can be found.

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  • $147, Rated 10.0 of 10

How much do hotels cost in Micronesia?

Micronesia Average Hotel Price for 1 Night

Travelers to Micronesia will have a large number of terrific accommodation options with a variety of great prices. The price of a hotel can vary by amenities, dates, and neighborhood. Based on thorough data from 1 hotels, the average hotel price in Micronesia is a very reasonable $147, and the median price is $147.

The average price of a hotel for 3 days in Micronesia is $441.

The average hotel cost for one week in Micronesia is a surprisingly affordable $1,029, and the average hotel cost for two weeks in Micronesia is a surprisingly affordable $2,058 (not including taxes and fees).

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How much should I pay to stay in a hotel in Micronesia?

You'll find the budget, mid-range, and luxury Micronesia hotel cost per night displayed below. This chart shows the range of hotel prices for a one night stay in Micronesia. If you're trying to figure out how much you should pay for a reservation, this graph breaks down the costs by price range.

(All hotel prices are in US Dollars before taxes, and come from a base price that is reported by Kayak. Peak season prices can vary significantly, particularly in destinations where seasonal travel fluctuates dramatically.)

Are Hotels in Micronesia Expensive?

From the chart above, and from our statistical calculations, we can see that the average price for all hotels in Micronesia is $147. Also, the average price for budget hotels in Micronesia is $147. So, is a Micronesia expensive? Given the overall cost of living and travel in the area, these prices are not unreasonable. And if you think it's expensive to spend the night in Micronesia, don't worry, as it's quite possible to find hotel rooms with great values for your next trip. We have recommended hotels at various price ranges below.

Prices for the Best Hotels in Micronesia (Micronesia's Top Rated Hotels by Guests)

Are you looking for the best hotel in Micronesia? After we analyzed the 1 best and highest rated hotels (the top 25%), we found a variety of amazing options at different price ranges. The average price of the highest rated hotels is a great value at $147, and the median price is $147. So, here are the price ranges of the best places to stay in Micronesia for your next fantastic trip to this amazing destination.

How much are the best hotels in Micronesia?

Is it expensive to stay in Micronesia? Actually, the prices can be quite affordable. Look for great deals and compare websites on nightly rates for your next booking for an even more amazing rate. Below, you can find out how much you should pay for one of the best hotels in Micronesia. Here are a few of the top rated hotels in Micronesia according to guests.
PO Box 135, Lelu
Overall Rating 10.0

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