Hostels in Lake Balaton, Hungary, for Budget Travelers

Hostels in Lake Balaton, Hungary, for Budget Travelers
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The Balaton area of Hungary is famous for Lake Balaton, its freshwater lake in the Transdanubian region. It is the largest lake in Central Europe, and one of the region’s foremost tourist destinations. The mountainous region of the northern shore is known both for its historic character and as a major wine region, while the flat southern shore is known for its resort towns. After the capital city Budapest, the region of Balaton is the second most popular tourist destination in Hungary. Balaton is a true natural treasure, attracting visitors throughout the year. In the summer months, it is mainly visited by beach lovers, while recreational and spa hotels welcome guests all year round. For those who are fond of sports (cycling, hiking, sailing) the area offers great possibilities from early spring until late autumn. At the southern shore of Balaton the water is shallow, warming up quickly in the summer. Thanks to its sandy beaches, this side of the lake is a popular holiday destination for families with children. The northern side of Balaton is much quieter than the southern side and is therefore more suitable for relaxation. This region is particularly rich in monuments, museums and natural beauty. Balaton is a charming getaway with plenty to offer and these hostels provide an excellent base for exploring the area.
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Hostels in Lake Balaton, Hungary, for Budget Travelers | Budget Your Trip

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