Vertigo Vieux-Port Marseille Hostel Review and Information

Fantastic common area and atmosphere, really secure and the rooms are spacious and clean. Didn't feel cramped at all in my 16-bed dorm! Will definitely be back. - Leah
Overall Rating
Beds Starting At $26.60

What sets them apart?

This hostel is all about location! If you want a central location without the high price that usually comes with prime real estate, then this is the place to stay. The rooms are large and comfortable and the hostel is relaxing with friendly staff.

Hostel Personality

  • Community Atmosphere

Who's staying here?

This is a cozy little hostel with a lot of personality and character. It's centrally located and affordable, so it's popular with budget travelers and backpackers who want to be near everything without spending too much. Many guests keep to themselves, but the most social areas are the larger dorm rooms and the kitchen.
  • Small Groups (<8)
  • Young Backpackers
  • Gap Year Travelers

Insider Tip

If you want to meet other travelers, stay in the 16 person dorm. With that many people, you're sure to make at least one new friend.

Vertigo Vieux-Port

This hostel's central location near the port in Marseille is hard to beat. It's got a lot of character and personality, and it's a popular option for budget travelers and backpackers who want to be near everything but don't want to pay for it. The hostel has large and comfortable rooms and a relaxing atmosphere. Many guests keep to themselves, but in the larger dorms it's easier to meet people. There's also a small kitchen where you can cook meals for yourself. This area gets pretty crowded in the evenings, but again, that's the place to meet other travelers if you want to meet up with others.

The Facilities

Dorm Bed $26.60
This hostel has a wide range of dorm sizes. The small rooms sleep 4, 5, 6, or 8 people and then there's a large 16 person dorm available. There's slight price difference between the rooms, but it's less dramatic than you'd expect. The biggest appeal of the 16 person dorm is it's the most social where it's the easiest to meet other travelers. There are also female only rooms available as well.

The dorms are clean and there are wooden bunk beds that are comfortable. Each room has its own design and style, as they have all been decorated by local artists.

The hostel also has a twin private room available for a reasonable price. This is a good option if you want some space to yourself.
Every room in this hostel has an en-suite bathroom. They're clean and modern and there's a private shower and separate toilet facilities. There's also two bathrooms in each of the larger dorms.
Common Areas
This hostel is more the type where guests keep to themselves, but there are some cozy common areas where you can relax with a good book. There are sofas available and dining space where you can eat a meal. The shared kitchen is probably the most popular hang out spot, particularly in the evening when guests crowd in to prepare their dinners. This is the best time to meet other guests if you're looking for someone to hang out with.

The Location

Old Port
What's Nearby?
This hostel is conveniently located just steps from the Old Port in central Marseille. In the surrounding area you'll find some great affordable restaurants and a neighborhood with lots of personality. You're also walking distance to the beach, central market, the Cantini Museum, and the Notre Dame church. There are plenty of things to do nearby as well like popular bars and clubs or interesting places to wander. The Municipal Opera is just five minutes away by foot.
Nearby Transportation
The hostel is about a ten minute walk from the Vieux-Port Hotel de Ville Metro station which provides direct access to the Saint Charles TGV Train Station. If you've arrived with a car, you'll appreciate that the Q-Park Estienne d'Orves Car Park is just a couple minutes away.


This hostel has all of the standard amenities like Wi-Fi, bed linens, and security lockers. There's also a small shared kitchen where you can prepare meals, laundry facilities, and even a free breakfast served every morning.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast (Free)
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Self Catering Kitchen
  • Security Lockers
  • Hair Dryers
  • City Maps
  • 24h Reception
  • Keycard Access
  • Bed Linens


The staff here are friendly and helpful. It's a charming little hostel with a welcoming staff that are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have. They have travel information and maps available if you need it as well.

Heads Up

Some guests feel it's hard to meet other travelers at this hostel as most people tend to keep to themselves. The kitchen in the evenings is probably the most social place to hang out.

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Beds From $26.60
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