Is Saint Petersburg Expensive?

Is Saint Petersburg expensive to visit?

Saint Petersburg is a frequently visited and budget-friendly place to visit. With a daily average travel cost of $63, it's somewhat less expensive than most other destinations in the world. When compared to the rest of Europe, which is known to be an expensive region, it is a reasonably affordable destination. It ranks in the top 25% of cities in Europe for its affordability. Its travel costs are comparable with places such as Kutna Hora and Telc.

St. Petersburg, Russia

How expensive is Saint Petersburg?

Travelers spend an average of $63 per day when visiting Saint Petersburg (U.S. Dollars). This is according to our calculations which come from the expenses of previous visitors. While this is an average cost, prices can vary by travel style, the length of your trip, and other factors. You can stay fairly close to this average if you stay at moderately priced hotels, eat at affordable restaurants, and take public transportation when possible. See more travel costs for Saint Petersburg here.

How expensive is a weekend trip (three days) to Saint Petersburg?

Based on the travel expenses of others, a weekend trip to Saint Petersburg costs around $190 on average, per person. This includes food, sightseeing, local transportation, accommodation, and nightlife. For two people, a weekend trip costs $380.

How expensive is a one week (7-day) trip to Saint Petersburg?

Based on our calculations from previous travelers, a one week trip to Saint Petersburg will cost around $443 per person. This amount includes sightseeing activities, hotels, restaurants, local transportation, and other travel expenses. For two people, a one week trip would cost $886.

Is it expensive to backpack in Saint Petersburg?

Saint Petersburg has a very limited selection of hostels and budget accommodation, so it's not the first place that comes to mind for backpackers looking for social and cheap accommodations. This makes it hard at times to travel here as a backpacker, so you'll have to be resourceful to travel on a tight budget here. Low-cost hotels are always an option, as are guesthouses or couch surfing options. The difficulties in finding budget accommodation are especially tough for solo travelers who might need to pay for the full price of a hotel room on their own. Otherwise, you can save money here by finding free activities, eating at low-cost restaurants or cooking your own food, and using public transportation when available.

How expensive are sightseeing activities in Saint Petersburg?

In Saint Petersburg, the cost of activities and things to do can vary by the type of activity, its length, and the location. To provide an estimate of what to expect during your visit, below are several popular activities that are common in the area. On average, previous travelers have spent around $18 per day on sightseeing and entertainment, which is more than the country's average of $15.

Is food expensive in Saint Petersburg?

In Saint Petersburg, the cost of food can vary by the type of restaurant and food options available. To save money, eat at less expensive restaurants, try street food, or cook your own meals when possible. On average, previous travelers have spent around $18 per day on food, which is more than the country's average of $14.

Is transportation expensive in Saint Petersburg?

The prices of local transportation in Saint Petersburg can vary by the type of transit used. Other travelers have spent an average of $7 on local transportation per person per day, which is more than the country's average of $5. To save money, take public transit whenever possible, as it will almost always be cheaper than a taxi or private driver.

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