Activities, Tours, and Day Trips in Southern Europe

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Types of Activities

The countries of Southern Europe offer plenty of terrific sights and activities to keep travelers busy. Although these countries tend to be a little more expensive than some other regions of the world, they can often be more affordable than other European counries. If you're on a tight budget, plenty of activities and day trips are available at affordable prices, and they are a great deal of fun, too.


The big cities of Southern Europe offer a great mix of historical sights right along with modern conveniences. Urban centers such as Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Athens contain thriving art and music scenes, world-class restaurants, accommodation options for every budget, old world architecture, a dynamic and intracate history, and more. Where else can you visit cathedrals that are thousands of years old and then visit the beach on the same day? Walking tours, Segway tours, bike trips, historical overviews, and other activities await your arrival. And many of these cities also offer cruises along their famous and scenic rivers or along the shoreline.


Despite their long history of human settlement and development, the countries of Southern Europe offer plenty of outdoor activities. All of these countries have large national park and nature areas where the scenery and wildlife is preserved and protected. Furthermore, the coastlines of these countries are filled not just with great beaches, but protected marine refuges and park areas. Also, in France, Germany, and other countries, travelers can visit ancient castles or the mountains of the interior for hiking, trekking, camping, fishing, or biking.

Water Sports

The coastline of Southern European countries is what usually draws visitors to these countries. They abound with beaches and other water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, boating and sailing. Surfing and nightlife are also popular with tourists. And even better: many of the small towns have been around for centuries and contain historical old town areas, ancient archecture, and historical ruins - all for your viewing after a day at the beach.

Food and Cuisine

The cities and the rural areas of Southern European countries are home to world class culinary treats. The cities of Madrid, Venice, Rome, and Barcelona, just to name a few, have multiple restaurants that are world famous. But if you're on a budget, don't worry, there are plenty of hole-in-the-wall places with exquisite options as well. Try out a food tour to hop through a variety of restaurants in one day to taste it all. Or perhaps a bar crawl is more your style? And don't forget about the wineries of Italy and Spain, too!
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