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Asia is massive, diverse, exotic, and fairly inexpensive. And this is where your adventure awaits. It's hard to summarize everything that is possible on the largest continent in the world, but here's just a taste of what the curious adventure traveler can experience.

Hiking is huge here, from the Himalayas of Nepal and India to the jungles of Southeast Asia to the Mongolian Steppes to the mountains of Japan or Korea, so many options are available. Let's start with Nepal, where it's not just all about Everest. A multitude of long-distance overnight trekking opportunities are available where you can hike from village to village and eat and sleep with the locals. Here, it's not just about the walking, it's also about the culture.

And speaking of culture, trekking through the jungles in Southeast Asia is also an experience not to be missed. While you can see wildlife and exotic, beautiful scenery, it's also possible to meet local remote tribal groups and eat terrific food along the way. From Malaysia to Thailand and Vietnam, and all the way up into southern China, there is something for everyone.

Scuba Diving is also popular in many Asian countries, especially those along the warmer waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Thailand is always popular for learning to dive and visiting our friends beneath the waves, but so is Indonesia, the Philippines, the regions of southern India, and Japan, too.

Camping, Biking, and Rafting trips are also available in a number of Asian nations, as so many countries are best experienced up close and personal. Why not take a cycling trip through Cambodia where the flat terrain lends itself to a long distance bike ride through small villages and ancient ruins? Or what about a rafting trip along some of China's most beautiful rivers? Camping in South Korea is becoming quite popular, too, especially since so much of this nation has been reserved as public land for wildlife conservation. And biking tours of India are also a great way to see the countryside and meet local people.
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