The Best Family Tours of Japan

Japan offers the modern conveniences of home and combines them with a new, facinating culture, cuisine, and history that your entire family will love. You'll feel safe and comfortable all while exploring a new part of the world. Kids will love the amazing high-tech cities and ancient castles, all while eating delicious food. Don't worry, adults will love those things, too!

by Intrepid Travel
12 days

Overview: Japan offers families a perfect mix of modern thrills and historical cultures. This tour begins in Tokyo. Your family will visit Sensoji in Asakusa, take a calligraphy class, and visit a comic market. You'll also get to try okonomiyaki on a boat in Tokyo Bay. The next morning you'll visit the famous Tsukiji Outer Market, try sushi, and visit the neighborhood of Harajuku. The next day you'll take a train to Hakone and enjoy the area's hot springs, hiking trails, and beautiful nature. Then on to Hiroshima, where you'll learn about the tragic aftermath from the city's bombing with a visit to the Peace Memorial Park and Museum. You'll also visit the island of Miyajima. Then head to Kyoto and visit Himeji Castle. You'll have several days in Kyoto to explore both independently and as a group. The tour will visit some of the city's most popular sights before it's conclusion.

Who it's for: This trip if for families with kids at least five years old. It's great for a family that enjoys culture and history, and also likes the flexibility and freedom to choose between group activities and exploring on their own.

Where it goes: Tokyo, Hakone, Hiroshima, and Kyoto

Highlights: Visiting Sensoji Temple, visiting Tsukiji Outer Market, visiting Depachika, taking a walk through Hakone, learning about the aftermath of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, visiting Miyajima Island, seeing Himeji Castle, wandering the Gion district in Kyoto, exploring Arashiyama, and visiting Tenryuji Temple.

Kids will like: Taking a Japanese calligraphy class, exploring a Japanese comic and cartoon market, and taking a boat ride on Hozu River.

Transportation: Train

by Adventures by Disney
11 days

Overview: Japan offers visitors an amazing mix of cosmopolitan cities and historical sites. It's unique culture provides a great learning opportunity for every member of your family. This tour arrives in Osaka with an immediate transfer to Kyoto where you'll enjoy a rickshaw tour of the city, visiting Arashiyama and a bamboo forest. You'll also visit Pure Water Temple and see a Samurai Performance. You'll take a Shinkansen train (high-speed bullet train) to Hiroshima where you'll visit Torii Gate and Hiroshima Peace Park. Then take the train back to Kyoto and see the Honpo-Ji Temple, take a Bento Box Cooking Class, and a boat ride on the Hozugawa River. Then visit Todai-Ji Temple and Park in Nara, go to the main shopping street, and see a mochi making demonstration. The next day visit the historic village of Shirakawa-go and go on a bike ride through the countryside. The following day take a food tour of Takayama Market District and then enjoy a calligraphy lesson. Finally, head to your last stop, Tokyo. In Tokyo you'll have several days to explore. You'll visit the Hakone Open-Air Museum, Kotoku-in Temple, CUPNOODLES Museum, Shibuya Crossing, Hamarikyu Gardens and Tea House, the Asakusa District, Senso-ji Temple, and Takeshita Street. You'll also take a boat cruise on Sumida River and finish the trip with a farewell dinner.

Who it's for: This tour is recommended for families with kids at least six years old. It's a good tour for families that enjoy history, culture, and learning about different cuisines.

Where it goes: Osaka, Kyoto, Takayama, Hakone, and Tokyo

Highlights: A rickshaw tour of Arashiyama, visiting Pure Water Temple, visiting Hiroshima Peace Park, Honp?-Ji Temple Tour and taiko Drumming demonstration, Hiking on the Torii Trail, visiting the village of Shirakawa-Go, Kehaya-Za Sumo Experience and Museum, visiting Hakone Open-Air Museum, touring Tokyo and seeing Shibuya Crossing, visiting Hamarikyu Gardens and Tea House, seeing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, andvisiting Asakusa District and Takeshita Street

Kids will like: The Maiko and Samurai performance, making origami cranes for the Children's Peace Monument, a bento box cooking class, a boat ride on Hozugawa River, a mochi-making demonstration, riding bikes through the countryside, a boat cruise on the Sumida River, and a sushi-making class

Transportation: Bullet train and private motor coach

by Thomson Family Adventures
11 days

Overview: Japan offers a wonderful combination of contemporary cities and cultural centers. This tour starts in Tokyo where you'll explore the Old Quarter and the Harajuku area. Then you'll head to Osaka on the bullet train. You'll see the Osaka Castle, the Dotombori Area, and take a Taiko drumming class. Then on to Kii Peninsula where you'll learn Japanese calligraphy, Hake Kumano Kodo Trail, and take a boat ride along Doro-kyo Gorge. Your kids will also meet local students as part of the Friends Across Borders program. Then finish your tour in Kyoto where you'll visit Kyomizu Temple, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Nijo Castle, and the Gion District.

Who it's for: This tour is recommended for families with kids at least eight years old. It's great for families that enjoy learning about history and culture through hands on activities.

Where it goes: Tokyo, Osaka, Kii Peninsula, and Kyoto

Highlights: Touring Tokyo's Old Quarter and Harajuku area, visiting a karaoke box, seeing Osaka Castle, touring Osaka's Dotombori area, learning Japanese calligraphy, hiking Kumano Kodo trail, taking a jet boat cruise, visiting Kyomizu Temple, exploring the Gion District, visiting Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, and touring Nijo Castle

Kids will like: Riding a bike in Asuka, taking a Taiko drumming class, making washi paper, and meeting local kids through the Friends Across Borders program

Transportation: Bullet train

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