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Europe is the heart and birthplace of what we know as western civilization. For thousands of years, many small countries formed this continent, each with its own language, customs, art, food, culture, customs, and motivations. As these countries interacted with one another, assimilated aspects of each other's cultures and customs, fought wars with one another, and influenced history, a greater culture came about which we now cherish and enjoy. Where else in the world can you hop on a short train or bus ride across a border to experience an entirely different language, cuisine, and architecture in the san of just a few hours? And then you can do it all again the next day, and the next, and so on!

From art to architecture, from huge cities to small towns, history has so many amazing historical sights that no one person can see it all on one trip. Small towns have old buildings with art galleries, authentic restaurants, and fortified walls. Large cities have major museums, monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, busy streets with markets and shops, old cathedrals, and more. Sometimes it's necessary to simply pick a country or a region and make an itinerary out of it, with plans to return to other countries on a future trip.

Or, why not take a whirlwind trip through the major cities, taking in the history and cuisine of each country in just a few days. In many ways, trips like these are ideal for those who are traveling for the first time, or for those who don't have more than a week or two and want to get a taste of everything at a good price.

No matter which part of Europe you choose, there is something for everyone. From narrow alleys with hole-in-the-wall restaurants (the best kind!) to art museums to ancient churches to modern skyscrapers and nightlife, Europe is not to be missed.

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