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Special events, holidays, and festivals are occurring all the time, all over the world, and millions of people travel every year to attend them. Europe is no exception. As tour companies are offering more and more opportunities to visit these destinations during Europe's festivals, events, and holidays, it is becoming increasingly easy to do so. And it's quite affordable, too!

Why not visit Oktoberfest in Germany? Or how about Christmas in France? And don't forget about special events such as the running of the bulls in Spain, or that crazy tomato throwing festival, too.

Concerts and musical events are another big attraction for travelers, as millions of people will often gather in large parks or public spaces for that once-in-a-lifetime event.

And don't forget about New Year's Eve! In major cities in Europe travelers can expect fireworks, music, parties, festivities, and plenty of good times. Berlin, Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, and Prague are just a few of the cities where a traveler can expect a New Year's Eve party that will blow your socks off.

Holidays are a special time for many families, too. They are a time of coming home, family gatherings, great food, and fond memories. But instead of coming home, many families are now choosing to take part in tours to Europe during their favorite holidays to experience how various countries around the world experience that same holiday. Why not take a Christmas tour through old Europe and discover why millions of people visit France, Germany, or Switzerland during the holiday season? Memories can be made with your family that will last a lifetime.
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