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The Outback has become synonymous with rugged wild adventure. It's a land untouched by human hands that has withstood the test of time for thousands of years. But now it's possible to visit this area, and others like it in the Pacific region, on an organized tour that provides comfortable amenities as well as a well-planned itinerary.

Australia isn't only the outback, however. Plenty of other adventure tours and exciting experiences await. Imagine sailing and then scuba diving with the exotic fish in the Great Barrier Reef. Or what if you could surf some of the most famous waves in the world? And don't forget about Australia's northern jungles which are home to unique and amazing wildlife that can only be found here.

But Australia isn't the only place for adventure in this region. New Zealand also offers plenty of outdoor experiences. After all, they say you can go swimming at the beach and skiing in the mountains on the same day (and it's true). From long hiking tracks through the mountains, fjords, and glaciers to rolling hills and "Middle Earth", New Zealand is a place that awaits your arrival with the same excitement that it will leave you with.

The other nations of the Pacific region also offer quite an adventure, too. Various pacific island nations are not just home to pretty beaches and romantic resorts. Here you can hike volcanoes, swim or scuba dive with exotic sea creatures, test your strength at local athletic festivals, raft rugged rivers, and eat amazing world class food.
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