Walking, Hiking, & Trekking Tours in Australia (including Tasmania and the Outback)

Tasmanian Expeditions

Tasmanian Expeditions offers a wide variety of hiking tours through Tasmania. They go to off the beaten path locations and let you experience the area on a level you might otherwise miss. Treks include the Overland Track, Cradle Mountain walks, the Walls of Jerusalem, Maria Island, the Bay of Fires, the Tarkine or the wild South Coast Track. They also offer a number of other outdoor experiences including rafting and cycling. If you're looking for an active and adventurous tour, then this is definitely a company to look into.

The company has been around sense 1982 and they have grown their offers to include a wide range of trips that accommodate any number of interests. Below are just a handful of the tours available through Tasmanian Expeditions.

The Overland Track

by Tasmanian Expedition...
6 days
This route is one of the most famous treks in Australia. It's a 6 day tour that begins and ends in Launceston with the actual trek starting in Waldheim. You'll walk from north to south passing by some of the highest parts in Tasmania. You'll see such epic sights as Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair (the deepest natural lake in the Southern Hemisphere). It will quickly become apparent why this is some of the most famous landscape in the area and the experience is sure to be life changing. This is a full pack trek that is appropriate for first time bushwalkers. There are food drops and modern equipment available, so it is possible to keep your pack light and manageable. There are guides available that offer any support and encouragement you may need. They provide delicious meals and knowledge of the area, so this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Cradle Huts Overland Track

by Tasmanian Expedition...
6 days
This is a 6 day tour that begins and ends in Launceston. The trek actually starts in Waldheim in Cradle Valley and the route takes you through the famous Overland Track that is part of Tasmania's World Heritage Area. It goes through Cradle Valley to Lake St. Clair and passes through very impressive landscapes and a diversity of habitats and wildlife. You'll see glacial lakes, rainforests, and dramatic peaks. During the night you'll sleep in private huts that offer hot showers, a potbelly heater, and twin rooms. Meals are prepared by your guides and are filling and delicious, and usually include Tasmanian wine.

Walls of Jerusalem Circuit

by Tasmanian Expedition...
6 days
This 6 day hiking tour takes you through Tasmania's only true alpine National Park. You'll experience breathtaking mountain scenery and unique wildlife. The trek starts on the south side of the park and you'll head up to the Plateau and camp near Lake Mytrle. You'll have the option to summit Mt Ragoona and Cathedral Mountain, which offer spectacular views of the Overland Track. From there you'll continue on through alpine herb fields and highland lake country as you pass by Lake Adelaide, Lake Meston, and Junction Lake, among others. As you reach the northern parts of the park you'll camp at Wild Dog Creek and spend two days exploring the area. You'll also have the option to climb King Davids Peak, which is Tasmania's 10th highest peak. There are also walks up Mt Jerusalem, The Temple, and Solomons Throne.

Port Davey Track

by Tasmanian Expedition...
7 days
This 7 day tour begins and ends in Hobart. It's a challenging hike through the romote southwestern part of Tasmania's world Heritage wilderness area and the trek begins at Scotts Peak Dam and follows along the imposing Western Arthurs. The hike offers impressive views of the White Monolith Range and then camps on the edge of the Crossing and Spring Rivers. You'll experience rare glimpses of rainforest and unique flora and fauna. A boat takes the group from Bathurst Harbour at the Narrows and then the hike continues to Melaleuca, where you'll catch a flight back to civilization. Some trekkers prefer to combine this hike with the nine day South Coast Track trip for a total of 16 days in southwest Tasmania.

Mount Anne Circuit

by Tasmanian Expedition...
5 days
This 5 day tour begins and ends in Hobart. It's a trek that takes hikers through the remote southwest part of Tasmania and offers a unique and intense bushwalking challenge. It's a diverse hike that passes by forests, lakes, and diverse landscapes. There is time built into the schedule for side trips so you can explore the area in depth. The trek begins at Scotts Peak Road at Condominium Creek and passes by Mt Anne, the Lonely Tarns, and Lake Judd crossing and the Anne River. The route ends at Red Tape Creek.

The hike itself is one of the most challenging and the weather can be harsh and unpredictable. It is limited to people with previous unsupported pack carrying bushwalking experience with a high level of fitness and confidence. The company recommends discussing the conditions with staff before committing to this hike.

World Expeditions

World Expeditions is a well established tour operator with over 40 years of experience. They offer a wide variety of adventure holidays worldwide and focus on taking travelers off the beaten path to unique and adventure-filled destinations. World Expeditions focuses on offering responsible adventure travel that provides authentic experiences through unique itineraries.

World Expeditions offers a handful of hiking trips through Australia, several of which are described below.

Best of the Larapinta Trail

by World Expeditions
9 days
The Larapinta Trail is one of the most famous desert treks on Earth and this route lets you experience some of the more unique parts of the hike. This is a 9 day tour that starts and ends in Alice Springs. The actual trek begins at Simpsons Gap and follows an impressive route along the Larapinta Trail. It passes through some of the area's most impressive highlights and lets you enjoy some of the best parts of the route. It's a camping trek but you'll carry just a day pack. You'll follow along the West MacDonnell Range and pass by some of the area's most interesting sights. It's suitable for a range of skill and fitness levels, but some days can be quite demanding. You'll be expected to walk up to 30 kilometers on some days and the groups camping gear is transported to the campsite each night by a professional support crew.

Cape to Cape Track Walk

by World Expeditions
8 days
This 8 day tour begins and ends in Perth. The actual trek begins in Cape Naturaliste and the trek wanders through the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park which covers about 135 kilometers along Australia's southwest coast. You'll pass through the world famous Margaret River wine region and wander along the rugged coastline passing by some truly spectacular views. You'll see bits of the Karri forest, pristine beaches, and limestone cliffs, while having a truly breathtaking experience.

This is a fully supported trek with comfortable accommodation. It's a rewarding experience for many different levels of hikers.

Art Expedition Larapinta

by World Expeditions
6 days
This 6 day tour starts and ends in Alice Springs with the trek actually starting at Alice Springs Telegraph Station. This is a unique hiking tour as its focus is to allow artists time to soak up the landscapes and create their own vivid representations of the area. The trail passes along the high ridge lines of the West MacDonnell Ranges and offers some truly spectacular views and unique landscapes that would inspire any artist. There are many optional guided walks available so artists can pick routes that meet their own personal interests and styles.

The accommodation on this trek is quite comfortable. The facilities are semi-permanent wilderness campsites with campfires and a relaxed environment. The guides prepare delicious and filling meals and an artistic director is available to offer guidance for all artists and trekkers.

Larapinta End to End

by World Expeditions
14 days
This 14 day tour starts and ends in Alice Springs. It offers the unique opportunity to complete the entire Larapinta trek, which is a 223 kilometer awe-inspiring hike. This is a challenging trek, even for the most experienced hikers, but the reward throughout the journey and upon completion is indescribable. The trek begins at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station and ends at Australia's Red Centre. This is one of the the most impressive desert treks in both Australia and around the globe. It follows along the spine of the West MacDonnell range and offers truly spectacular views. Hikers will walk up to 30 kilometers a day while carrying a day pack. The group's camping gear will be transported to the campsite every night by the professional support crew, so trekkers have a lighter load while they enjoy the views.

No Roads Expeditions

No Roads Expeditions offers a variety of hiking and trekking tours in a handful of countries. One unique Australian option is listed below.

7 Day Great Ocean Walk

by No Roads Expeditions
7 days
This 7 day tour starts in Apollo Bay and ends in Port Campbell. It follows one of the most scenic parts of the Australian coastline and you'll pass coastal cliffs, dramatic shores, and diverse ecological habitats. This trek covers the full length of the Great Ocean Rd Track, and you'll learn about the area's history and ecology. Beginning near Apollo Bay you'll go through the Great Otway National Park to the famous Twelve Apostles near Port Campbell. There is a "rest" day built into the itinerary so you can enjoy short, more relaxed walks on day four. An Indigenous guide will accompany you for part of the trek and provide you a unique insight into the culture and traditions of the Aboriginal people.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid is a large and well established tour operator the offers tours around the globe. They have a wide variety of tours available including classic, budget, family, food, adventure, sailing, cycling, and walking or trekking tours.

Intrepid offers a couple of walking tours in Australia. Unlike the tours listed above, these tours rely more on vehicle travel to get between destinations, and travelers can enjoy day hikes once they arrive at their destinations. Please note the amount of time spent in vehicles before deciding if this is the tour for you.

Red Centre Adventure

by Intrepid Travel
4 days
by Intrepid Travel
4 days
This 4 day tour starts and ends in Alice Springs but options are available to begin in Yulara as well. The tour visits such places as Uluru, Kings Canyon, and the Western MacDonnell Range. The trip is available in both a "Basix" (budget) and "Original" (mid-range) style. You should expect several hours of driving each day and several hours of hiking. Make sure you understand the itinerary and schedule before purchasing this tour.

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