Is Los Angeles Expensive?

Is Los Angeles expensive to visit?

Los Angeles is a popular destination that is also moderately priced. It falls in the middle range of travel cost prices globaly with a daily average travel cost of $258. If we compare it to the rest of North America, which is known to be an expensive region, it is a moderately priced place to visit. It ranks in the top 50% of cities in North America for its travel costs. Its travel costs are comparable with places such as Boston and Honolulu.

The Griffith Observatory overlooking Los Angeles

How expensive is Los Angeles?

Travelers spend an average of $258 per day when visiting Los Angeles (U.S. Dollars). This is according to our calculations which come from the expenses of previous visitors. While this is an average cost, prices can vary by travel style, the length of your trip, and other factors. You can stay fairly close to this average if you stay at moderately priced hotels, eat at affordable restaurants, and take public transportation when possible. See more travel costs for Los Angeles here.

How expensive is a weekend trip (three days) to Los Angeles?

Based on the travel expenses of others, a weekend trip to Los Angeles costs around $774 on average, per person. This includes food, sightseeing, local transportation, accommodation, and nightlife. For two people, a weekend trip costs $1,549.

How expensive is a one week (7-day) trip to Los Angeles?

Based on our calculations from previous travelers, a one week trip to Los Angeles will cost around $1,807 per person. This amount includes sightseeing activities, hotels, restaurants, local transportation, and other travel expenses. For two people, a one week trip would cost $3,614.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California

Is it expensive to backpack in Los Angeles?

With more than 30 hostels in the area, Los Angeles is a popular backpacker destination for travelers looking to stay on a tight budget and have a fun time along the way. Here, hostels cost an average of $38 per night for a dorm bed, with private rooms being more expensive. (See hostel prices in Los Angeles here.) It's also common to see a wide range in prices, as the cheapest hostels here cost $19, but the most expensive can be more than $72 per night.

Here are a few sample prices from popular hostels in Los Angeles.

  • $36 for a dorm bed at HI Los Angeles - Santa Monica
  • $34 for a dorm bed at Samesun Venice Beach
  • $34 for a dorm bed at Banana Bungalow Hollywood

Are hotels expensive in Los Angeles?

When we look at our analysis of hotel prices in Los Angeles, we find them to be somewhat lower in price in comparison to the rest of the world. The average nightly cost for a hotel room here is approximately $169. The area boasts about 15 five-star hotels with an average rate of $775 per night. For those seeking a balance between comfort and affordability, three-star hotels offer an average rate of $200 per night, while two-star hotels provide an even more budget-friendly option at $124 per night.

Hotels by star rating in Los Angeles
Rating Number of Hotels Average Hotel Price
5 stars 15 $775
4 stars 58 $309
3 stars 109 $200
2 stars 181 $124
1 star 10 $101
No rating 14 $252

9400 Culver Blvd, Los Angeles
Overall Rating 9.0
4222 Vineland Avenue, Los Angeles
Overall Rating 8.8

How expensive are sightseeing activities in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, the cost of activities and things to do can vary by the type of activity, its length, and the location. To provide an estimate of what to expect during your visit, below are several popular activities that are common in the area. On average, previous travelers have spent around $82 per day on sightseeing and entertainment, which is more than the country's average of $55.

    • Private EBike Tour of Santa Monica and Venice Beaches : $119
    • Beverly Hills Food, Film and Fashion Tour : $189
    • The Escape Game LA: Epic 60-Minute Adventures in Century City: $45
    • E-Bike LA Beach Tour from Redondo Beach Pier: $75
    • 2.5 Hour Private Tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills: $219
    • Central Downtown LA Tour: $55
    • Luxury Hollywood Sightseeing Trolley Bus Tour in Los Angeles: $85
    • Santa Monica Premium Electric Mountain Bike Tour: $169

    Is food expensive in Los Angeles?

    In Los Angeles, the cost of food can vary by the type of restaurant and food options available. To save money, eat at less expensive restaurants, try street food, or cook your own meals when possible. On average, previous travelers have spent around $60 per day on food, which is more than the country's average of $58.

    • Original Downtown Los Angeles Walking Food Tour with Six Taste: $110
    • Venice Beach LA Food Tour: $89
    • Vegan African Dinner Party in Playa Del Ray: $132
    • LA Venice Beach Walking Food Tour With Secret Food Tours: $99
    • Santa Monica Delicious Donut Adventure & Walking Food Tour: $82
    • Downtown Los Angeles Food Tour: $89

    Is transportation expensive in Los Angeles?

    Exploring local transportation in Los Angeles shows that the price can vary greatly by the type of transportation used. On average, previous travelers have spent $42 per person per day, which is less than the country's average of $46. If you want to save money, use public transit as it's much cheaper than taxis or private drivers.

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