Religious Sites, Cathedrals, and Synagogues in San Francisco

Religious Sites, Cathedrals, and Synagogues in San Francisco

San Francisco is a fairly diverse city, and as such it has a number of religious places to visit. From the historic Mission Delores to the iconic Grace Cathedral, there are several large churches to see. Other religions are also represented in the city in their own unique ways, so don't miss out on those experiences, either. Here's a list to get you started of the best religious sites in San Francisco.
Contemporary Jewish Museum
This three story museum is an impressive sight. It is made with more than 3,000 color-changing blue steel panels that form the Hebrew letters chet and yud, which come together to spell the Hebrew word for life. The museum hosts a series of rotating exhibits as well as cultural shows.
736 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103
St. Patrick Church
Founded in 1851, this is one of the oldest churches in the city, and its cornerstones were brought from Ireland. Nestled in SoMa among modern buildings, it contains a beautiful Gothic Revival interior with gorgeous stained glass windows.
756 Mission Street, SoMa, San Francisco, California
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San Francisco Zen Center
The San Francisco Zen Center is a network of retreat centers that focus on the practice of Zen. They include the Beginner's Mind Temple, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, and Green Gulch Farm Zen Center.
300 Page Street, Western Addition, SF, California, 94102
Mission Delores
Also called Mission Dolores, Mission San Francisco de Asis is the oldest remaining structure in San Francisco. The mission was founded in 1776 by Lieutenant José Joaquin Moraga and Francisco Palóu. Regular Catholic services are offered in the larger basilica, and visitors can also see the Old Mission which contains gorgeous murals, as well as the historic cemetery on the grounds.
19 Chula Lane, Duboce Triangle, SF, California, 94114
Holy Virgin Cathedral
This is the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral outside of Russia. Located in the Richmond District, the large golden domes can be seen from a distance. Regular services are offered.
6210 Geary Boulevard, Richmond, San Francisco, California, 94121
Grace Cathedral
Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal cathedral on Nob Hill. The beautiful building is known for its mosaics, two labyrinths, and impressive stained glass windows.
1170 California Street, Nob Hill, SF, California, 94108
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