Belize Travel Budget - Visit Belize on a Budget or Travel in Style

How much does it cost to travel to Belize?

You should plan to spend around $105 (BZ$212) per day on your vacation in Belize. This is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors.

Past travelers have spent, on average for one day:

  • $29 (BZ$57) on meals
  • $21 (BZ$42) on local transportation
  • $93 (BZ$186) on hotels

A one week trip to Belize for two people costs, on average, $1,473 (BZ$2,966). This includes accommodation, food, local transportation, and sightseeing.

All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

  • Average Daily Cost Per person, per day
  • One Week Per person
  • 2 Weeks Per person
  • One Month Per person
  • One Week For a couple
  • 2 Weeks For a couple
  • One Month For a couple
This data comes from the travel budgets of real travelers - How it works. Put these numbers on your website.

How much does a one week, two week, or one month trip to Belize cost?

A one week trip to Belize usually costs around $736 (BZ$1,483) for one person and $1,473 (BZ$2,966) for two people. This includes accommodation, food, local transportation, and sightseeing.

A two week trip to Belize on average costs around $1,473 (BZ$2,966) for one person and $2,946 (BZ$5,932) for two people. This cost includes accommodation, food, local transportation, and sightseeing.

Please note, prices can vary based on your travel style, speed, and other variables. If you're traveling as a family of three or four people, the price per person often goes down because kid's tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared. If you travel slower over a longer period of time then your daily budget will also go down. Two people traveling together for one month in Belize will often have a lower daily budget per person than one person traveling alone for one week.

A one month trip to Belize on average costs around $3,156 (BZ$6,356) for one person and $6,312 (BZ$12,712) for two people. The more places you visit, the higher the daily price will become due to increased transportation costs.

How much do package tours cost in Belize?

Organized tours are usually more expensive than independent travel, but offer convenience and peace of mind that your trip has been planned by a travel expert.

The average price for an organized tour package in Belize is $382 per day. While every tour varies by total price, length, number of destinations, and quality, this is the daily average price based on our analysis of available guided tours.

Independent Travel

Traveling Independently has many benefits including affordabilty, freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to control your own experiences.

All of the travel costs below are based on the experiences of other independent travelers.

Is Belize expensive to visit?

Belize is a moderately priced destination to visit. It's about average with most other countries for travel costs. The prices for food, accommodation, and transportation are all fairly reasonable.

Within Central America, Belize is very expensive compared to the other countries. It is in the top 10% of countries in Central America for its travel costs. There are only a few countries as expensive or more expensive than Belize in the region.

For more details, see Is Belize Expensive?

How much money do I need for a trip to Belize?

The average Belize trip cost is broken down by category here for independent travelers. All of these Belize travel prices are calculated from the budgets of real travelers.

Category Cost
Accommodation 1 (Double Occupancy) BZ$186 ($93)
Local Transportation 1 BZ$42 ($21)
Food 2 BZ$57 ($29)
Entertainment 1 BZ$69 ($34)
Tips and Handouts 1 BZ$4 - 12 ($2 - 6)
Alcohol 2 BZ$15 - 44 ($7 - 22)
Accommodation Budget in Belize
Average Daily Costs

Calculated from travelers like you

The average price paid for one person for accommodation in Belize is $46 (BZ$93). For two people sharing a typical double-occupancy hotel room, the average price paid for a hotel room in Belize is $93 (BZ$186). This cost is from the reported spending of actual travelers.

  • Accommodation1 Hotel or hostel for one person
  • Accommodation1 Typical double-occupancy room

Hotel Prices in Belize

Looking for a hotel in Belize? Prices vary by location, date, season, and the level of luxury. See below for options.

Find the best hotel for your travel style.


Actual Hotel Prices
The average hotel room price in Belize based on data provided by Kayak for actual hotel rooms is $159. (Prices in U.S. Dollars, before taxes & fees.)

Kayak helps you find the best prices for hotels, flights, and rental cars for destinations around the world.

Recommended Properties

Local Transportation Budget in Belize
Average Daily Costs

Calculated from travelers like you

  • The cost of a taxi ride in Belize is significantly more than public transportation. On average, past travelers have spent $21 (BZ$42) per person, per day, on local transportation in Belize.

  • Local Transportation1 Taxis, local buses, subway, etc.

Recommended Services

Food Budget in Belize
Average Daily Costs

Calculated from travelers like you

  • While meal prices in Belize can vary, the average cost of food in Belize is $29 (BZ$57) per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Belize should cost around $11 (BZ$23) per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner. The price of food in sit-down restaurants in Belize is often higher than fast food prices or street food prices.

  • Food2 Meals for one day


Entertainment Budget in Belize
Average Daily Costs

Calculated from travelers like you

  • Entertainment and activities in Belize typically cost an average of $34 (BZ$69) per person, per day based on the spending of previous travelers. This includes fees paid for admission tickets to museums and attractions, day tours, and other sightseeing expenses.

  • Entertainment1 Entrance tickets, shows, etc.

Recommended Activities

Tips and Handouts Budget in Belize
Average Daily Costs

Calculated from travelers like you

  • The average cost for Tips and Handouts in Belize is $4.11 (BZ$8.29) per day. The usual amount for a tip in Belize is 5% - 15%.

  • Tips and Handouts1 For guides or service providers

Alcohol Budget in Belize
Average Daily Costs

Calculated from travelers like you

  • The average person spends about $15 (BZ$30) on alcoholic beverages in Belize per day. The more you spend on alcohol, the more fun you might be having despite your higher budget.

  • Alcohol2 Drinks for one day

Water Budget in Belize
Average Daily Costs

Calculated from travelers like you

  • On average, people spend $1.86 (BZ$3.75) on bottled water in Belize per day. The public water in Belize is considered safe to drink.

  • Water2 Bottled water for one day

Belize On a Budget
Belize San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Located beside Guatemala and Mexico, this Central American country is a popular travel destination for it's beautiful beaches, wonderful snorkeling, and fascinating culture. It's the only English speaking country in the region so it is a popular first time destination for travelers to the area. Most visitors head to the long Caribbean coastline. This part of the country has a similar feel to many of Britain's former West Indian island colonies and there is a substantial Afro-Caribbean population. In the more inland areas the population is mainly made up of native Mayan groups. Spanish is the most frequently spoken language in these inland areas. In addition to the appeal of its beaches, many people head to Belize so they can explore its jungles, see wildlife, and visit the Mayan ruins.

Because Belize is such a small country, it is fairly easy to explore it by public transportation. Most of your trips will be fairly short and pain free. Buses are the best and cheapest way to get around. Most of the public buses are actually former U.S. school buses that are well decorated and fun to ride. Riding a local bus here can be an experience in and of itself.

Belize is a popular destination for adventure sport enthusiasts. You can enjoy any number of activities ranging from zip lining to scuba diving, kayaking, or cave exploration. Whatever your style, you're likely to find something that appeals to you during your time in this beautiful country.

It's a relatively cheap travel destination, although, due to its popularity, prices are higher than some nearby countries such as Guatemala or Honduras. The currency is locked firmly to the U.S. dollar and is consistently worth exactly half of its value. Because of this, many places do accept U.S. dollars as a form of payment.

In the more touristy areas you're likely to pay a little more for food, but you can usually get a simple rice and beans dish for a reasonable price. If you're on a particularly tight budget try to stay away from the restaurants frequented by tourists. There are always some local options nearby where you're sure to save some money.
At A Glance
  • Belize has a tropical climate with its rainy season coming between May and November. Hurricane season is between June and November as well, so if possible, this time is best avoided. If you do plan a trip to the area during these months, make sure you have good travel insurance. The dry season in the country is between February and May.

  • Buses are a fun way to travel around Belize. You can buy tickets at any of the bus stations around the towns, or you can stand on the side of the road and wave a bus down. There is usually both a driver and conductor on the bus. The conductor will collect your ticket money once you are seated.

  • The water taxi is another fun way to travel around the country. It travels between a handful of different cities. The main company is the San Pedro Belize Express and the easiest place to pick up the water taxi is the Brown Sugar Terminal in Belize City.

  • Scuba diving is a very popular activity in this country. If you're looking for affordable diving options you can go through one of the vendors that are found along Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker. The most popular excursions go to Hol Chan Marine Reserve as well as Shark Ray Alley. These dives typically cost about US$35. You can book a dive to the Blue Hole but you will pay substantially more for it.

  • When quoted a price for an item, always assume you are being given the price in Belize dollars, which are half of the value of the U.S. dollar. If you assume the price has been given in U.S. dollars then the vendors will jump on the opportunity to charge you twice as much. Always assume the lowest cost and begin negotiating from there.


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Top Tourist Attractions
Zip line Tours: Zip lining is a popular activity in the area. Many people choose to experience the jungle areas by participating in a zip line tour. It allows you to fly through the canopy at fast speeds. You're unlikely to really see wildlife, but it does offer a rush for adrenaline junkies. It can be an expensive activity, but is a fun thrill that you should try at least once.

Old Belize: Located in Belize City, this attraction offers you a unique opportunity to step back in time and see what life may have once been like in the area. The exhibit offers a great perspective on the area and is a good way to learn more about the culture. It highlights artifacts and culture from historical periods of time throughout Belize.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve: This is a popular snorkeling and diving area that is accessible by chartered boat or during many dive trips through the area. It's a great place to see the area's beautiful coral and undersea wildlife.

Popular Foods
Most dishes in Belize involve red beans and rice. If you eat at local restaurants, which are your cheapest option, then the main meat item available is chicken. In tourist restaurants you will pay substantially more but you will find more seafood dishes and a wider variety of options. Local restaurants can be very delicious however, and whether you are on a budget or not, you should try the local specialties at least once or twice.

Ceviche: Don't mistake this interesting dish for salsa. It's actually a well marinated seafood concoction that is often made from conch and vegetables. It's marinated in citrus which essentially cooks the raw seafood.

Fry jacks: These are a tortilla like product that are most often served with breakfast. They are often accompanied by cheese, refried beans, eggs, or cereal which together make a traditional Belize breakfast. It's a filling option for starting your morning.

Escabeche: This is a traditional Belize soup that is made from chicken, onions, and spices. The onions are often thoroughly marinated in vinegar to create an acidic base before the soup is prepared.

We've been gathering travel costs from tens of thousands of actual travelers since 2010, and we use the data to calculate average daily travel costs for destinations around the world. We also systematically analyze the prices of hotels, hostels, and tours from travel providers such as Kayak, HostelWorld, TourRadar, Viator, and others. This combination of expenses from actual travelers, combined with pricing data from major travel companies, gives us a uniqe insight into the overall cost of travel for thousands of cities in countries around the world. You can see more here: How it Works.

1 Categories averaged on a per-item basis.
2 Categories averaged on a per-day basis.
For example, the Food2 daily average is for all meals for an entire day, while Entertainment1 is for each individual purchase. Thus, the overall daily average cost is not a summation of the individual categories.