How much does a trip to Islamabad Cost?

The Cost of a Trip to Islamabad

Visitors to Islamabad usually spend between $18 and $79 per day on average for one person and $36 to $159 for two people. While this is a wide range, the average daily cost averages $42 (P₨11,529) per person. This average includes sightseeing, hotel, food, and local transportation expenses from other travelers. Your individual travel expenses may vary based on travel style and the locations visited, but if you plan wisely while visiting the most popular destinations, then you'll likely spend somewhere around this average cost during your trip. Further down we have a breakdown of expenses by category, as well as accommodation and activity prices.

How much money should you budget for your trip to Islamabad?

For budget travelers in Islamabad, planning for around $18 (P₨5,044) per day should cover essentials such as accommodations in hostels and budget hotels, affordable meal options, local transportation, and engaging in various activities. If you're a mid-range traveler, setting aside around $42 (P₨11,529) per day would allow for more comfortable stays in typical hotels, dining at regular restaurants, and exploring a diverse range of popular attractions. Luxury travelers, on the other hand, should consider a daily budget of approximately $79 (P₨22,030) to accommodate higher-end hotel stays, dining at nicer restaurants, and indulging in more exclusive private tour options. It's important to note that these price ranges are derived from our extensive travel cost data for Islamabad, which is based on valuable insights from other travelers as well as hotel and tour data provided by travel companies. For a more detailed breakdown of travel costs, you can refer to our comprehensive travel cost data for Islamabad.

Average Daily Costs, Per Person, by Category
Budget Mid-Range Luxury
Accommodation1 $9 $20 $39
Local Transportation1 $3 $8 $15
Food2 $7 $15 $28
Entertainment1 $4 $9 $18
Alcohol2 $1 $3 $6

How much does a weekend trip to Islamabad cost?

On average, travelers spend around $125 per person during a three-day trip to Islamabad. This average includes expenses for sightseeing, hotels, food, and local transportation. To align with this average price range, consider opting for mid-range hotels and dining at mid-level restaurants, while also allocating funds for entry tickets to popular attractions. For those seeking a more budget-friendly approach, it is possible to find lower-cost accommodations, dine at less expensive restaurants, and explore free activities. Also, many visitors choose to spend a higher travel budget, as Islamabad offers a range of high-end hotels and restaurants for those seeking a more luxurious experience.

Islamabad, Pakistan

How much does a five day trip to Islamabad cost?

With five days in Islamabad, you can expect to spend about $208 total, not including transportation to and from the city. It's possible to stay close to this daily average by booking mid-range hotels, eating at normal restaurants, and paying for some entry tickets to popular attractions. It's possible to find lower-cost accommodations, eat at less expenive restaurants, and find more free activities if you want to spent less money.

How much does a one week trip to Islamabad cost?

Most visitors spend between $127 and $556 for a one week trip to Islamabad, with the average being $291. This includes sightseeing, local transportation, food, and hotels. One week is enough time to have a more in-depth experience in Islamabad. Also, one week allows you to be more flexible with your time and money, so you can potentially save money on some aspects of your trip while spending more on others.

Hostel Prices in Islamabad

With more than 3 hostels in Islamabad, the average price is $8 per night for a dorm bed. The cheapest hostel costs $7 and the most expensive is $9. Usually popular with younger travelers, hostels are a great way to save money while also being social. But not all hostels are the same, and we've analyzed the prices of both dorms and private rooms to find the average prices and best places to stay. You can see more details about the hostel prices in Islamabad here.

Here are a few sample prices from popular hostels in Islamabad.

  • $9 for a dorm bed at Coyote Den Travelers Hostel Islamabad in Islamabad
  • $8 for a dorm bed at The Happy Hostel in Islamabad

Hotel Prices in Islamabad

Based on our calculations from available hotels in the Islamabad, the average price for a hotel room is $79 per night. To save money, or if you're planning a more luxurious trip, it's important to look at hotel prices based on the overall star-rating as well as guest reviews. Also, prices can vary by amenities and location. Check out more details from our analysis of hotel prices in Islamabad here, and below is a breakdown of hotel prices by star-rating.

Hotels by star rating in Islamabad
Rating Number of Hotels Average Hotel Price
5 stars 1 $254
4 stars 4 $116
3 stars 12 $66
2 stars 4 $38
No rating 1 $24

Aga Khan Road, Shalimar 5, PO Box 1251, Islamabad
Overall Rating 9.4
M2 near Convention Centre, Islamabad
Overall Rating 9.4

Should you do a tour in Islamabad?

Many visitors enjoy the convenience of booking tours and activities while they visit, and Islamabad has a wide array of things to do. These activities often include knowledgable guides and unique experiences. Tours range in price from $75 for the Full Day Tour To The Ancient City Of Taxila From Islamabad to $95 for the Islamabad: City Tour with Faisal Mosque and Lake View Park.

    • Top Ten Wonders of Islamabad Guided City Tour: $120
    • From Islamabad: Full Day Guided Taxila Ruins Exploration Tour: $150
    • Full-Day Sightseeing Tour Of Islamabad: $80
    • From Islamabad: Full Day Historical Peshawar Guided City Tour: $160
    • Islamabad: Half Day Private Instagram Guided City Tour : $80
    • Islamabad City Tour : $150
    • Murree Nathiagali Day Tour: $135
    • Private Islamabad City Tour: $199
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