The Best Affordable Hostels in A Coruna, Galicia, Spain

The Best Affordable Hostels in A Coruna, Galicia, Spain
La Coruna, or A Coruna as it is often called, is a nice seaside town with a historic old town, great food, fun bars, and plenty of culture. It's also home to the world's oldest working lighthouse, the Torre de Hercules. Other sites like the castles, museums, pre-Roman settlements, gardens, an aquarium, and more will keep you entertained if you tire of the beach or the old architecture of the old town.

Hostel-like accommodation can be somewhat limited in A Coruna, as the town is not very large and most options are hotels. The places listed here are affordable and cater to budget travelers and backpackers, although the fun dorm vibe that you're looking for might not exist here at all in any of these establishments. So, do your research first before booking, and have a great trip!

A modern dorm for students, backpackers, groups, and solo travelers.

Private Room: $23.07
About 8km south of the old town, and nestled in a Golf Club, is this student-oriented "Residence Hall" dorm facility for travelers, both short term and long term. Although the location might not be ideal to stroll around the old town, the amenities and facilities are quite nice.

Dorm rooms are clean and modern, and resemble a university dorm room setting with desks and dressers. Many have ensuite bathrooms, which are kept clean and have modern facilities.

A large and modern cafeteria serves delicious meals, buffet style, which is very convenient given the location. Free Wi-Fi is also available. Other amenities include an outdoor pool, an exercise room, table tennis, foosball, TV rooms, study rooms, plenty of lounge space, vending machines, a basketball court, laundry, books, parking, luggage storage, and more. It's basically like staying in a university dorm, but without the homework!

Some type of student card, school ID, or academic association is required to stay here. And it's family friendly, too.

For more info, see the RESA website.

Monte das Arcas Nº 15 (al lado del Club de Golf) , La Coruna Spain

A social hostel on the beach for backpackers

Dorm Bed: $22.38
Private Room: $19.59
Overall Rating: 100%
Half an hour west of the town of A Coruna is this fun hostel centered around surfing, the beach, skating, and other activities. The location is beautiful and right on the beach; just roll of bed and you're in the water. Naturally, surfing lessons are available!

Breakfast is included, and so is free Wi-Fi throughout the building. Other amenities include an onsite restaurant and bar, laundry, parking, luggage storage, surfboard rental, table tennis, a skateboard half-pipe, outdoor lounge spaces, and more.

Dorms with shared bathrooms are the only option here. An all-female dorm is available, too. Bathrooms are shared, but kept clean and are modern.

Guest reviews are consistently positive. The atmosphere is said to be social but chill, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Pedra do Sal 66, Baldayo , La Coruna Spain

A quiet hotel in the heart of the Old Town for couples, solo travelers, or families

Private Room: $18.08
Overall Rating: 37%
This small hotel has a charming atmosphere and elegant rooms at very affordable prices. The location is perfect, too. As it's located in the heart of the city, it's only a short walk to everything in town, including the beach, the port, shopping, and plenty of Tapas style restaurants for your culinary adventures around A Coruna.

On offer are private rooms of various sizes. Some have ensuite bathrooms while others have a shared bathroom. Everything is modern, as the hotel was refurbished recently. Some of the rooms also have nice views looking out into the city below.

Free Wi-Fi, TVs, luggage storage and security lockers, laundry, and coffee are also on the list of amenities.

Guest reviews are generally very good, and tend to highlight the great location, friendly staff, and comfortable rooms.

San Andres 141, 2A IZ , La Coruna Spain
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