Budget-Friendly Neighborhoods in Boston

The Most Affordable Neighborhoods to Visit in Boston

While Boston is generally a fairly expensive city, a number of neighborhoods are actually somewhat budget-friendly for visitors. If you're looking to save a little money on your next trip to Boston, check out these areas of town for fun activities and things to do on a budget.
Allston is a popular hangout spot for students in Boston. Many students live in the area, but even those that don't often head here to party with friends. The area is close to a number of Boston colleges and universities so the student population is strong, but in recent years it's also started to attract more young professionals and immigrants. Head to Harvard Avenue between Gardner Street and Commonwealth Avenue to explore the city's unofficial Koreatown. The area has a number of great Korean barbeque restaurants as well as bubble tea shops.
Boston, MA
Located right by the Allston neighborhood, Brighton sits along the Charles River and has a number of shops along Washington Street. It's a quieter neighborhood that has a mix of young professionals, young families, and students. Boston College is in the neighborhood at the end of the Green B line along the subway.
Boston, MA
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Located on the north side of Boston by the the Boston Harbor and the Mystic River, this neighborhood once had a large Irish population. It's a historic neighborhood with a number of monuments in the area including the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution.
Boston, MA
Dorchester is a large and diverse neighborhood with more than 500 acres of green space as well as a zoo. The neighborhood is where you'll find Franklin Park and a large portion of Boston's Emerald Necklace. The population is a diverse mix of long time residents and newer immigrants from countries such as Vietnam, Cape Verde, and Ireland. For the best Vietnamese food, head to Dorchester Avenue between Charles and Victoria streets.
Boston, MA
East Boston
East Boston has long been a neighborhood of immigrants, and the area's ethnic restaurants reflect its diverse roots. Sitting on the waterfront, it was once the center for shipbuilding in the city but today it is where you'll find Logan International Airport. It's location on the waterfront means it offers impressive views of the city's skyline. You can reach East Boston on the subway's Blue Line or by ferry boat.

Boston, MA
Hyde Park
Located on the southern end of Boston, Hyde Park has a suburban atmosphere and a number of local shops and restaurants along the main streets. The Neponset River runs through the center of the neighborhood.
Boston, MA
Jamaica Plain
Jamaica Plain, often called "JP", is a diverse neighborhood with a number of local businesses and a large amount of green space. Head to Jamaica Pond to take a relaxing walk. This is also a very active neighborhood with a number of great festivals and outdoor concerts. This neighborhood really comes to life during the warmer seasons when the festivals and street fairs are common.
Boston, MA
Named for the Mattahunt Native American Tribe that lived here during the 1600s, today this neighborhood is home to a mixing bowl of African American, Caribbean, Irish, Jewish, and Haitian residents. There are a number of great ethnic restaurants in the neighborhood.
Boston, MA
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This neighborhood is part of the larger Dorchester neighborhood. It includes the four sections of Uphams Corner, Bowdoin/Geneva, Four Corners, and Codman Square. This area continues to see new development and growth.
Boston, MA
Mission Hill
Mission Hill is one of the more diverse areas in Boston. It houses a mix of students and young families, many employed at the nearby Longwood Medical Area. The Mission Church is a notable architectural landmark in the neighborhood, as are the brick row houses and triple-decker homes.
Boston, MA
Roslindale has a lot of natural beauty, colonial homes, and a charming Main Street. This neighborhood is where you'll find the Arnold Arboretum, which is a 265 acre park, and along the Main Street there are many great shops, restaurants, cafes, and bistros, making this a charming place to spend some time.
Boston, MA
Roxbury was once a large farming community. Today it is at the heart of Black culture in Boston. The neighborhood has a number of great restaurants along Dudley Street that serve Caribbean, regional African and soul food. This neighborhood is also where you'll find the only remaining country house built by a British Royal Colonial Governor.
Boston, MA
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