The Best Street Art in Boston

Street Art in Boston

Boston is home to some of the best street art in the world. The city has so many colorful walls, from massive murals to tiny graffiti tags, that it's no wonder why artists, photographers, and travelers flock to it. Here are some of the best neighborhoods around Boston to see the creative murals and street for your next trip.
Harvard Yard
Harvard Yard
The historic and central area of Harvard University, the oldest in the nation, this large green space is intermixed with University buildings, trees, and the occasional statue. The area is generally open to the public and for tours, although at times the gates may close, so plan ahead.
Harvard Yard, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Fenway-Kenmore is most famous as the location of Fenway Park, home to the Red Sox. Also in the neighborhood is the Museum of Fine Arts and Symphony Hall. Head to Landsowne Street for the best nightlife. This is where you'll find the most clubs and bars. Right around the ballpark is a beautiful green space, Back Bay Fens. The area also has a number of bars and restaurants that cater mostly to baseball fans. This is a lively neighborhood and there always seems to be something going on.
Boston, MA
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South End
This cosmopolitan neighborhood is close to both Downtown and the Back Bay neighborhood. South End has grown in popularity in recent years and the neighborhood has a mix of young professionals, families, and a large LGBTQ community. The streets are lined with brownstones, giving it a similar feel to nearby Back Bay. This is a vibrant neighborhood with a number of great restaurants, bars and clubs, ranging from high end to casual. There's also a very active arts scene.
Boston, MA
Roxbury was once a large farming community. Today it is at the heart of Black culture in Boston. The neighborhood has a number of great restaurants along Dudley Street that serve Caribbean, regional African and soul food. This neighborhood is also where you'll find the only remaining country house built by a British Royal Colonial Governor.
Boston, MA
Roslindale has a lot of natural beauty, colonial homes, and a charming Main Street. This neighborhood is where you'll find the Arnold Arboretum, which is a 265 acre park, and along the Main Street there are many great shops, restaurants, cafes, and bistros, making this a charming place to spend some time.
Boston, MA
Allston is a popular hangout spot for students in Boston. Many students live in the area, but even those that don't often head here to party with friends. The area is close to a number of Boston colleges and universities so the student population is strong, but in recent years it's also started to attract more young professionals and immigrants. Head to Harvard Avenue between Gardner Street and Commonwealth Avenue to explore the city's unofficial Koreatown. The area has a number of great Korean barbeque restaurants as well as bubble tea shops.
Boston, MA
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